Video: Garcia spent night in hospital after this dangerous Ederson move

Manchester City defender Eric Garcia spent overnight in hospital thanks to this ludicrous collision with Ederson during their win over Arsenal last night.

Your team is 2-0 up and coasting against a 10-man team, who look awfully tired I might add, and your goalkeeper decides to do this…

Every time I watch the incident, it looks more and more absurd, and actually puts his side into more danger with his lacklustre headed clearance falling into the path of one of our players.

The collision saw a seven-minute stoppage, while worried onlookers feared the worst after Ederson had ran and dived head-first into his own player, who then laid with little-to-no movement for some time afterwards.

Thankfully Garcia was given the all-clear to leave hospital this morning and returned to training according to the DailyMail, but for a spell there this looked like his actions may have had serious consequences…

What could Ederson have possibly been thinking rushing out so far out of his box before lunging into his own player, who more-or-less had the ball away from Arsenal’s player?


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