Video – Pundits discuss Carlo Ancelotti and the Arsenal job

Could Carlo Ancelotti be on his way to Arsenal? Pundits discuss including Gab Marcotti.

What I like about this is the info we get about why Carlo Ancelotti was sacked by Napoli last night.

The ESPN FC panel of Craig Burley, Steve Nicol, Alejandro Moreno, and Gab Marcotti discuss what Ancelotti achieved in Naples and Gab Marcotti gives his insight on whether the 60-year-old would take the Arsenal job.

Ancelotti is the hot topic right now and this sort of video gives you a better understanding of the situation and the likelihood of him succeeding Unai Emery.

It is not a full-on Arsenal video but definitely insightful.

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  1. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I really dong want another dinosaur at Arsenal. Desperation is all around the fans and club. I wouldn’t mind Freddie taking charge till end of the summer so we can properly assess and hire.
    Right now fans keep accepting every name as long as the name has trophied with it in the past. I say this season is a write off already. No
    high expectations for the rest of this season so it’s really lame to rush to give anyone the job, plus once again I don’t want another dinosaur.
    Bayern Munich’s senior players turned on him just because of his training methods and decisions and then suddenly it’s okay for us to accept him with his old and outdated plans?

    I’ll also point it out now, Gennaro Gattuso is in pole position to replace him, even before he got sacked. It was only meant to be reported after the game that he’d be leaving.
    I found all these out yesterday morning.
    Napoli despite somehow in same crisis we are, are going for the Gattuso who have no trophy or successful spell as a coach at Milan, yet it’s okay for us to accept every old age coach we find available?

    No thanks, I’ll rather have our incompetent board take their time and wait till summer.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Problem is we could be in the Championship by the summer, then what are our options?

      I would be very annoyed if we got Ancelotti, when we could have got Mourinho instead.

      1. Igot350K4doingnothingandyou? says:

        I do not think we will go down, but struggle and remain in the EPL top halve, depends on the team sheet. The line up against WHU should be the building block for future games, except that Xhaka to be replaced by Guendozi and Socrates with Holding when fit. Also would play Ozil for the first half (which as usual our performances are boring) so that there are no “FreddieOut” banners from his so called fan club and create toxic atmosphere in the stadium. Introduce Lacazette in the second half to speed up things. In Jan if we get a good CDM and AMF then there are high chances of a top 6.Not convinced with Cabellos.
        If Freddie is serious, there is the FA and EL to play for and the top 6. We need pace, team spirit/cohesion, we are beginning to get it, hope Freddie dumps Xhaka & Ozil in Jan along with Mustafi, Luiz (I don’t care if he just signed) and loans out Saka, Nelson for game time.
        And for the coach, do not require another chap who won because of the players he had at his disposal, he is not a coach to improve any side – Napoli being the example.Why do we look out for coaches that were sacked? Marcelino, Poch.,Carlo.(If so then why not Unai again?At least the man took us to the EL finals and a top 4 missed out by a whisker).We need a younger coach to connect with the players and the supporters and lift the doom and gloom around. Just like Fergie at Everton last week.

    2. Siamois says:

      I stopped reading after Dinosaur,really?so Benitez,hogdson 71 years old doing a great job at palace not only football wise but financially,the dinosaur beat Liverpool in the cl,! How old would a manager be to be a dinosaur,klopp,mourhino….what are they?

  2. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think he would come, because Arsenal have very limited transfer budget and I bet they are still waiting for the next two or three EPL games

  3. AndersS says:

    I would be happy to see Ancelotti as our manager.
    His record is impressive, and when we can’t offer CL football, we need a “big” manager, players will respect and believe in. If we don’t show a big manager it will be even more difficult to keep and attract big players.
    I really don’t believe Arteta or Freddie have enough yet.

    1. Gunner22 says:

      Anders, will our “senior” players respect him or will he be treated like Emery with ridicule by our dull and useless seniors? By the look of it, those useless ones are not wanted by anyone, so they will be here to draw their wages and offer nothing on the field except temper tantrums. Right now, Carlo will be low on morale and confidence, so I doubt he will command respect. Auba or Lacs might move in Jan, but the rest “seniors” will still be there. Would prefer FL to continue till summer and Erik / Julian take over for the new season, by that time FL would also dump these under performers.

  4. Grandad says:

    He has had his day.The merrygoround of “experienced” Manager’s who are sought after despite failing never ceases to amaze me.It’s as though pundits were in their pockets?.Time to give younger men a chance.

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