Video – Granit Xhaka tells Arsenal fans to stop abusing his family

It seems like not a day goes by now without another report of footballers being abused on social media, and the trolls seem to be multiplying as they are left unhindered. But not only do they abuse the players, they abuse their families as well, which is simply not acceptable in any shape or form.

You can maybe criticize their footballing skills, but when you go so far as to threaten their wives and kids, then it is certainly time to take action. How would like it if you were Xhaka?


How much longer can the authorities allow this to go on without taking serious action?

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  1. I dont know if the social media giants involved are ready to step in coz its a simple thing 4 me, when you decide to use my platform to Threaten or racially discriminate a player and their loved ones we blacklist you and go further to close your other social media accounts such as an action in your twitter handle can lead to being excommunicated from facebook, IG etc and we top it up with formal complaints to the justice system

  2. Cowards, and I really wish they get punished.

    There is nothing on pitch that can justify abusing family, making threats and racism.

  3. I hope more Arsenal fans would stand up on social media, to show these trolls that Families are off limits, PERIOD.

    One way to keep free speech safe is to spam the offenders. Whenever they make a disgusting comment, flood their individual feed with spam; the technology is simple and simple for the tech giants to do.

    They already monitor and spy on you, so spam the offenders and drown them out, plenty of spam to use. Better yet, put Baby Shark on endless audio and video loop for their enjoyment.

    Criticize a player if it is your opinion, but NEVER threaten or use disgusting racist, sexist, homophobic language.

    I personally avoid twitter, facecrook, and other platforms for that very reason. Administration on this site does an excellent job at keeping that filth off this site, so thank you admin.

  4. I was at the palace game and heard alot of what was being said by ”so called fans”
    it was disgraceful, disrespected, rude and totally against everything that i am 100% against.

    I got up and walked out of the stadium.

    If anyone thinks what was said to him was acceptable them you are just as bad as these cowards who post abuse on social media.

    You dont have to like him for the way he plays, but respect him and every player as human beings.

    race, nationality, sexuality and all the other things that people get abused for is just wrong and it needs to stop

  5. I believe social media shouldn’t be allowed to describe what people say on private platforms such as just arsenal. For one no one has to read this bullshit to include the players.
    Stop giving power to social media. People are now so sophisticated (laziness) they want to now demonstrate on social media giving them more control. Google stays in America and is slowly controlling every country.
    Social media is optional.

  6. Violence, whether physical or verbal, is the instrument of the feeble minded. I am 80 years old and have been a supporter ( not fan) of the Gunners for over 60 years, during which time I had the privilege of going to Highbury for 4 years, while I was a student in London. Football is more than a game, it’s a character builder for the players and supporters. Respect the game and the players, learn how to sparkle when you win and not despair in defeat. Only then we will enjoy life’s experiences

  7. Why don’t you just stop going on to Social Media and Facebook sites. Then you won’t have to read this rubbish and get your knickers in a twist. The idiots that post such idiotic and nasty posts just love a reaction and the knowledge that you read it! Stop letting them know you read and it affects you. It’s that simple, Granit you Cranit.

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