Video: Guendouzi involved in another fight – with provocation

I know Arsenal have just sold Matteo Guendouzi to Marseille, but I couldn’t resist putting this video up for discussion, and the reason being that I am not sure that the blame can be put directly onto the ex-Arsenal midfielder.

This comes from a “friendly” pre season game between Marseille (where Tavares is headed right now) and Real Betis (where Bellerin was on loan and may go back to this summer).

It seems that the 40 year-old veteran of Betis, Joaquin, was upset with some heavy tackling from Guendouzi during this so-called friendly, and made his feelings clear by trying to headbutt Matteo, who obviously reacted as expected, then another Betis player grabbed Guendouzi’s hair from behind, and then all the players from both sides joined in the melee.

The referee decided to end the game early by blowing the whistle for full time, but it was obviously not a friendly game (Ended 1-1 by the way)….

Have a look and see what you think….


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  1. Without seeing the tackle he was supposedly complaining about it’s hard to comment without the full picture…

    But Guendouzi does still seem to be a liability – it’s difficult to see someone doing what the Betis guy did in a friendly without serious provocation.

    I’m surprised Tavares is being loaned to Marseille with the way Marseille and Guendouzi have (reportedly) tried to unsettle Saliba.

    1. I knw its not just about the tackle, Am just imagining the amount of insult goundozi must hav hulled on them b4 the incident. The guy is extremely rude, he does it even in regular training talk less of friendly game. We dodge that bullet thanks to Arteta

  2. P.S. Most players in Guendouzi’s position (someone walks up to you in the pen area and headbutts you) – would fall in a heap clutching his face, roll around on the ground a bit wailing his head off.

    Guendouzi… well, at least he didn’t do that, but it may be that he’s just too hotheaded to avoid the fight rather than a beacon of morality.

    1. The player who attacked Guendouzi is justified even when you didn’t see the tackle. You assumed the tackle was nasty be ause of his reactiyand therefore, Guendouzi must be wrong. Guendouzi who defended himself like any human being (including you) will do is a hothead. Utter nonsense you’ve written

      1. I think you failed miserably to understand what he said.he’s trying to say guendouzi could have avoided the fight by pretending to be in pain after the betis player attacked which could have seen him sent off but out of his hot headedness he got involved.indeed he’s hot-headed.

        1. No footballer on earth would take that. How come the agressors are not criticized as much as Guendouzi who was defending himself from physical harm? It was a friendly and a card for the agressors would mean nothing. The one who started the fight is not blamed but the one who defended himself from harm is accused of not backing down and waiting for the referee while other players disfugure his face. In a competitive match, the first player would have seen yellow while the one who grabbed his hair would have seen a straight red. Go on. Blame Guendouzi for every, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

        2. @fk
          Guess where you’re from, when somebody hits you, you roll around whining hoping somebody else will take pity on you and come to your rescue…IJL(I’m jus laffin) 😂

            1. I’m beginning to wonder why I bother with this site.

              There’s a few sensible people but most of ’em… let’s just say I’m not expecting them to update the Theory of Relativity any time soon.

              I think I need to leave this site, it’s just too wearing. The level of debate was higher in my primary school (with some notable exceptions such as your good self, jonfox and a couple of others).

              1. Really?
                It didn’t take long before you showed your true colours
                You lost my support as a gooner with a worthwhile football opinion and manners to boot when you accused me of insulting you.
                Whereas I consider you to be the sexist twerp you really are for thinking that men are superior
                You won’t be missed by me

              2. It probably has to do with the fact that you post several comments on every article, bringing up conspiracy theories!!

    2. @Idkwic
      Matteo ain’t no punk. He handled his the way he was supposed to. And you need to give the “hot head” label a rest. Or I guess you just let people handle you any way they like…IJS

  3. What a bunch of I’ll disciplined schoolchildren!!
    I don’t care who started it or how it ended. In my book
    these reprobates need a lesson in manners!!
    Personally I would sack the lot of them,and go and buy myself a team of proffessional disciplined men!!!

  4. Only weakling would walked away from the attitude of that Betis legend and the other guy pulling Guendouzi’s hair. In a normal match devoid of ref’s bias the 2 individuals from Betis should see a red card. I can’t really blame our former player on this.

  5. Apart from not seeing the tackle, we also can’t hear anything that might have been said beforehand. It’s entirely possible that Guendouzi was barking at Joaquin as the latter was approaching (or, more likely, that they were barking at each other) and something untoward was said.

    I don’t blame Guendouzi for his angry reaction to someone trying to headbutt him, but we don’t have all of the information and shouldn’t rush to judgement against either party.

    As an aside, when did any forehead-to-forehead contact during an argument, no matter how gentle, be suddenly labelled a “headbutt”? Or is it just that players are so quick to go down these days, in faux agony, to influence the refs…?

  6. Whatever foolish thought made me decide to read this POINTLESS article and all the ridiculous posts it attracted, is even to me a mystery and not one I WILL EVER REPEAT.

    1. I started wondering how any Arsenal supporter would have a good word to say about Guendouzi…

      It’s not the first article about him that suddenly sees a few people saying some strange things in his favour. Actually, I should say a few “accounts” not “people” because I’m not convinced there’s one account per person.

      Call it a conspiracy theory, but… is it possible that Mr Guendouzi has one or more accounts on this site? He does have a grudge against MA, it would explain a few things beyond just the articles about him.

    1. Nothing wrong with trouble makers, some of our best players were always playing dirty and looking for trouble.

  7. For the people who accused Guendouzi of having started a bust up with one of his teammates and being in the wrong.well,that same player only made 11 appearances last season after the incident and this week had his contract terminated by l’OM.this is the same player who had a fit in training when the coach gave him the bib which meant he was not starting the game that weekend.nice bloke.

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