Video Highlights – Arsenal 4-0 Chelsea – Gunners end USA tour in style

Well, that was a super exciting game against Chelsea to end Arsenal’s tour of America, and the Gunners kept their unbeaten streak going with an easy 4-0 over our London rivals in Orlando.

Of course it was the Brazilian Gabriel Jesus who opened the scoring with a lovely chip over Mendy after just 15 minutes, although it was a sloppy pass from a Chelsea defender that gave him the opening.

Then Odegaard made it 2-0 with a well-taken shot after 36 minutes and we went into the break with a comfortable 2-0 lead.

The second half was just as easy, with Saka making it 3-0 after a parried shot from Xhaka, and Lokonga wrapped it up with a header, getting on the end of a brilliant cross from Cedric.

What an excellent tour and Arsenal will be in confident mood when the League proper starts…


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  1. What a game….i know this is only a pre season game but with that hunger and attitude, i do see this team making the top 4…

  2. Good game, good passage of play, good hunger shown by the boys, left back crisis sorted, now need partey cover and we are good to go, G.Jesus is a beast, COYG.

    1. What about Xhakas skill on the edge of the box to almost pull a worldie out if his locker for Sakas rebound goal. 👏

    2. @Enny
      Guess you didn’t see the full match. James was having his way with Zinny, slinging in crosses at will. Nuno came on an put James in his pocket…

      1. @NY_Gunneer, mean you’ll take tavares over zinchenko and tierney all day any day….IJA

          1. How come you have two accounts, one with two Es in GunnEEr and one with only one (GunnEr)?

      2. You do realize just the short period he has trained with the team, what about martinelli having a field day with James all day, i think zinny would come good

        1. @Enny
          Martinelli is almost unplayable. Zinny made some good cross field passes, but doesn’t have the pace to recover. Gabriel had to cover for him which left gaps in our defence, which Mount kept exploiting. Still regardless of the time he has trained with the lads, he still couldn’t contain James. While Nuno came on and neutralised him immediately…IJS

  3. What I took away from the game:

    -Jesus is fantastic, hopefully we don’t become too reliant on him
    -Saliba looks great, far better than Ben White. Imagine we had brought him back a year earlier and spent 50 mil on a DM
    -Eddie is trying hard but I just can’t see him becoming a clinical striker, hopefully im wrong.
    -Saka looks good but there’s just something about him that seems a bit off at the moment
    -we had midfielder runners getting into the box which I haven’t seen under MA reign…hopefully he’s finally learning to be flexible
    -we are still giving away a lot of chances, still need a DM
    -we continue to play well when teams don’t press us and don’t sit deep. Challenge is what would we look like when they do
    -great to have Partey back, you can see the quality difference when he’s on

    Chelsea also look to be continuing their poor performances, something tells me if we have a chance at top 4 it will be Chelseas spot we’ll take

  4. Some guys are missing and i’m worried.LOL!!! oops! my bad,i almost forgot there is nothing to moan about.WHY NOT CHEER THEN?

      1. You can erupt if you want but i’ll urge you lot to cheer and back the team and keep aside your ego cos if the result was reverse the site would have been flooded with negative and abusive comments about the team and we the supporters.once again i say CHEER UP.

        1. I’m fine, happy about the result and excited for next season.
          I’m just saying, it’s odd that your way of combating “negativity” is by being hostile.

  5. Totally bossed Chelsea, we look creative, exciting and dangerous. Only preseason and I would expect us to get better. I think we are going to be more potent this season if we gain another 7 pts this season( compared to last season) we are definitely getting 4th at least, and the current progression seen in points gained from when Arteta first took over, I’m sticking my neck out and say 76 pts will be achieved or exceeded….

    1. ….and sure we will displace Chelsea at third. We now have much better depth than last season.
      I don’t worry much about Tottenham.

  6. A cautionary note! All pre seaqson game are notorious in being unreliable guides as towhat follows in thre Prem, which is WHAT COUNTS.
    Example being Man U 4 Liverpool 0 a week or so ago, WHICH SENSIBLE FANS KNOW WILL NOT BE HAPPENING IN THE PREM.
    oF COURSE i am excoyed by our resuly but I temper the hype I read from SOME(only some)on this thread with the realistic knowledge that Chelseaas will not be so easily beaten in the PREM. Nor wil we rtolover qualit sides so easily.
    That being said, I am of course very hopeful . But then I have always retained faith in our dynamic manager to vastly improve our team AND squad, given thr necessary time and PATIENCE.

    Many older fans have PATIENCE . Many younger fans do not!

    1. We had poor preseason last summer and started the season poorly.

      We need every atom of great performance to boost us into good league position when the season starts

      So in as much we shouldn’t take much of our large margin victory over Chelsea we should look at the performance of the players and be happy with the team!

      There is no need of fans putting away a great performance by the boys as merely preseason. If you are going by that did you see the reaction and comments made by T T?

      Or did you watch the El classico showing, was that just a preseason performance or an actual expectation or things to come

  7. great game all around. Everyone looked sharp. White at RB looked pretty comfortable and maybe he can be the cover over Cedric. Concerns are obviously with our depth. Partey makes our midfield sooo much better and if he’s injured where are we going to be? Marquinhos still raw and definitely looks like he needs a loan. Xhaka played well today but is he a starter throughout the season? Probably not. So would still like to see some players come in. But Odegaard, Jesus, both CB’s have all looked really sharp these past few games and come opening day we’ll need to see them produce. We know once the season begins everything you did prior doesn’t matter as much and the shock of being back in the EPL can sometimes get to us.

  8. Fantastic result! The tactics seems less rigid and the team played with so much fluidity even though it could be because it was a preseason friendly and there is not much at stake.
    Tevares and Pepe hopefully have been able to do enough to attract interest from other club now, and even at that I am not sure if we should be selling them now especially Tevares, who has shown there is talent in there. There was a particular moment he won a foul after driving the ball in to midfield.
    What we seem to lack now is a game changer from the bench, not just players to come see out the rest of the game.

  9. “although it was a sloppy pass from a Chelsea defender that gave him the opening”

    How can someone take of the little praise for Xhaka and put it on the shoulder of a Chelsea defender?

    It was Xhaka that Gabe the pass to Gabriel and not a Chelsea player.

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