Video Highlights England 6-2 Iran – Saka double worth Man Of The Match

England finally kicked off their World Cup campaign yesterday afternoon against the minnows of Iran, who are also suffering like Qatar from unrest at home due to the treatment of women in the Gulf state.

Iran may have only lost 2 of their last 21 games but England were expected to overcome them easily, but after a settling in period it was still 0-0 after half and hour.

Then the game came alive and with just ten minutes unttil half time Jude Bellingham finally got the breakthrough England needed. Then Saka scored a beauty to make it 2 just 5 minutes later, and and Sterling made it 3 before the break.

There was some very strange refereeing but Saka made a brilliant individual effort to make it four, and there were two goals for each team added before the end.

I could only find official highlights from Gol in Spanish, but just turn the volume down if you don’t enjoy it. I love the ommentators enthusiasm!

Enjoy the goal fest here, and Saka starts his attack on the Golden Boot….

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  1. As suspected Saka is shining at the WC, it was imperative to tie him down to a new contract before the tournament started.

    Coming up to only 18 months left on the contract and we hold zero of the cards in our hand.

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