Video – Highlights of Arsenal v Southampton, a depressing but necessary watch

Watching the Arsenal v Southampton highlights gives one further insight into which players went rogue.

This highlights video from Sky Sports is worth watching time and again. The reason is simple, it helps identify the players outside the immediate action that should have done more.

It helps to see which players were out of position, which ones simply gave up and also the body language.

I know it is depressing but it does help one understand the absolute depth of what is wrong. In fact, the body language part is what I found most intriguing.

There is evidence there if you look for it that the players have given up. That is purely down to the manager in my opinion.

Today I saw Sheff Utd players out on their feet, lose a two-goal lead and still fight to the last second. See if you can see that in this video from the Arsenal players?

Watch more videos here


  1. Durand says:

    No need to replay, hard to stomach that garbage the first time.

    I’ll save you time, Emery started 5 defenders against 19th placed Southampton at home. Yep that’s true.

    Torreria was knackered from international duty, Tierney placed well minus that penalty, Bellerin healthy but form lacking, Laca fought for 96 minutes.

    Negatives are some jogging back when Southampton were going for the win, Sokratis can’t dribble to save his pride, but Emery continues to start him.

  2. S says:

    If we win it’s in spite of [thing to blame here], if we lose/draw it’s because of [thing to blame here], classic Remainer style negativity

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