Video – Highlights of Watford v Arsenal including all the goals

We all know what happened, Arsenal collapsed when they were absolutely cruising against the team rock bottom of the Premier League and as far as the majority of Gooners are concerned, well certainly on this site, it is the same old Arsenal.

Here is the official Sky Sports highlights video and half of it is satisfying viewing, whereas the other half is just too depressing for words.

It would take a long video to carefully analyse what went wrong but in all honesty, you do not need a college degree to work it out.

Words like catastrophe, disaster, appalling, woeful, horrendous and so on spring to mind when describing that second-half performance from Arsenal and that is not taking anything away from Watford, they played well in the second half but if we are honest with oursleves it is because Arsenal allowed them to play better.

This was a game for the taking and Arsenal bottled it, simple as that.


  1. Declan says:

    I’m not allowed to watch the highlights video as it’s X rated and my dad has set parental controls on my iPad ?.
    He’s 92 by the way and I wouldn’t let him even watch the game as it might have killed him. He’s been a Gooner for 86 years!

  2. Bur says:

    Highlights? Naw not for me. I am depressed enough.

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