Video highlights Vitoria 1-1 Arsenal – Another abysmal performance

No surprise as Arsenal fails to hold onto another lead.

Same old story, Arsenal take a lead, Arsenal loses that lead. It does not matter if it is one goal or a two goal leads, Arsenal blow it. It does not matter if it is home or away, Arsenal loses their leads.

The Premier League, Carabao Cup, Europa League, name the tournament and I will show you an Arsenal team throwing the game away.

Obviously, it happened again last night against Vitoria, a team that Arsenal really should be beating comfortably.

OK, that is the rant over with, watch the video and analyse what went wrong yourselves. It is not pretty viewing.

This video is from the official BT Sports Youtube channel.


  1. Haha – as abysmal as our performance was, those ‘highlights’ manage to make us look even worse 😂
    Whilst they were few and far between there were a couple of moments of good play – I at least expected to see the clip of Martinelli beating two defenders to put in the cross which was probably the closest we came to scoring in the first half lol

  2. Oh I can’t watch that again! Normally I’ll either record or download our games/highlights on Sky and watch them again… needless to say, I’ve not done that in a while!!

    OT.. Had a little chuckle earlier, I know it’s naughty of me, but an article came up on my phone about Wenger and Hazard. He said Hazard’s struggles in Madrid are down to his weight.. he’s put too much on. Funny that, i always thought he had a big arse at Chelsea!

    1. How one earth would you distinguish him from all the OTHER big arses at Chelsea Sue? Metapohorically, even if not physically, apart from him of course. That whole club is one huge arse. No wonder Cashley Hole was desperate to get there . BIRDS OF A FEATHER, ETC!

    1. Pepe, like most players at Arsenal (Xhaka included) are all managed and trained wrong!

      In fact, Ozil is a typical example of how a “world class” player can become average at Arsenal!

  3. I have got to the stage of counting down the days til Emery is sacked for sheer incompetence in every area of managing. I hope and think it will be next week after we lose at Leicester. The simple fact remains that each match Emery remains in charge makes the gap we need to catch up our rivals for fourth place , more hopeless. If an unlikely win at Leicester prolonged Emerys stay, it would be counter productive, as the main problem, HIM, would still be here holding us back. It is asking a lot to actually HOPE we lose, esp DURING the game but dispassionate and intelligent reasoning leads me to the conclusion that a heavy defeat on Saturday will be a blessing. And not in disguise either, speaking entirely personally. That being said, I know I will be calling for a win DURING the game, but when it is over I will be glad that we have lost, as I fully expect. I am merely being honest and will not lie to myself.ABOVE ALL, WE NEED EMERY GONE NOW!

    1. Jon, firstly loved the chelsea humour…especially as it’s true!!!

      The portugese fans out here just could not believe how bad we were and they felt that they should have won both games, something I couldn’t disagree with.

      I am feeling exactly the same way as you regarding our next game and the seemingly inevitable outcome, but it just doesn’t sit right does it?

      Through all the years of ups and downs, I have never felt so despondent about our club and fear years of apathy if something isn’t done now.

      Can’t bring myself to wanting a defeat, but if we do win it will seem like a defeat if UE isn’t sacked.

      1. I feel for you my friend and for us all who love Arsenal. But I have always believed that in life, provided one has a major ability to collectively influence control over what we all want and provided we do not live in a tyrannical country where citizens are arrested and jailed for major protest , -which thankfully, we in most of Europe and many other countries do not – then the choice to either take effective action or merely to moan and grumble but DO nothing, is entirely our OWN CHOICE. Thus I was glad when mainstream Gooner opinion finally forced the club to act over Wenger and now we have the same chance to rid ourselves of this completely inept manager who has no understanding of our club cultureandwho is alienating thousands more regular attending Gooners each game we play. By any reasonable judgement he has actually regressed us from even the last turgid year of Wenger, WITH THE DEFENCE BEING EVEN WORSE, something i would have thought impossible at that time. We are shapless scared to play, all over the shop with no understanding of what he wants. IT SEEMS EVEN HE DOES NOT KNOW EITHER AND SIMPLY PUT WE NEED HIM GONE, NOW. I was HUGELY wrong in rating him, as events have shown but unlike some, I never hesitate to change tack and call for action when I am proven wrong as I DEFINITELY HAVE BEEN and in spades too! CONSEQUENTLY i KNOW THAT ANOTHER BAD DEFEAT AT LEICESTR WILL BE THE START OF HIS EXIT AND I WELCOME IT FOR THE SAKE OF THE CLUB, EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS ANOTHER THREE POINTS LOST. LONG TERM FIXES ALWAYS TRIUMPH OVER STICKING PLASTERS, WHICH IS WHAT A VICTORY WOULD BE AT LEICESTER, if, which it won’t, it meant his staying longer. I think he will be sacked next week or the week after.

    2. When people like jon fox want Arsenal to lose, one has to re-evaluate whether justarsenal is worth bothering to try to contribute to rational discussion.

      1. Jon, once again I believe your views on AW are wrong, but find solace in the fact that, like myself, the final year was the nail in the coffin.
        I think it was time for both him and the club to part and the rest is history.

        What we are seeing at this precise moment in time has nothing to do with the last regime and, as you rightly point out, we have regressed from that dreadful season.

        What I cannot do though, is wish for a defeat in order to achieve a bigger goal, my Arsenal DNA just will not allow it!!!

        ozziegunner, like Jon, you backed UE to the hilt.
        I fully understand that, because I did the same with AW until the excuses dried up.
        The situation we have now, however, is totally different – vast amounts of money have been set aside for transfers, a completely new backroom staff (except Bouldy!!!) have been installed, we have a group of players who should be performing and we have players who are questioning the direction of the club.
        On top of this, two of our top profile players have, to date, refusedto commit to the club and (in my opinion) the reason is plain to see – we are not being led by UE in any way, either on the pitch or off it.

        Now the stance Jon is taking, is EXACTLY the same as he did when AW was in charge, saying on many occasions that he wanted the club to lose if it meant Wenger leaving – I still cannot do that, but “rational discussion” on a fan’s forum will not solve it, just as fans protesting won’t either.
        The results eventually saw AW leave and that will be the same reason that UE leaves – we can talk as much as we want, but if we win the next four games, playing the same god awful football, UE’s job wil, be safe no matter what.

  4. If Emery is sacked after Arsenal losing to Leicester on Saturday, which no Gooners can say Arsenal will lose. For, they might win. No Arsenal fan can accurately predict what the future holds for Arsenal in terms of performing very well on the regular basis in the Premier League to be winning matches for a very long time garnering points that will see the club finish in one of the top-four places this season and also win the ELC at the end of the season, the one or two of the most sort after important titles that Arsenal are keenly sorting after to win now. Although, a top-four place finish is officially not a title. But unofficially it is because the acolade and the price money that come with getting the two is quite big. Therefore, let us Gooners hope and pray the Gunners will recover from their 4 consecutive drawn games to start winning regularly from now on for a very longtime in all competitions to enabled them recover the lost ground they’ve lost particularly in the PL table as of now and start climbing up the table. Let Emery be given up to the end of November to see when his Arsenal team would have played Leicester at away in the PL on Saturday. I can see a win for Arsenal there. And at home to Southampton also in the PL, another win for Arsenal is what I am seeing. And also at home to Entrant Frankfurt in the Europa which I am seeing Arsenal also win. Three wins on the trot for Arsenal? YES!

  5. Is it just me,but I thought Vitoria looked far more energetic than Arsenal and deserved to win the match.Playing Holding on the left side of a sedontary back three does not make sense.There are huge gaps between our midfielders and the deep lying trio which our opponents exploited time and time again.I shudder to think what might happen on Saturday evening.

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