Video – How did Bruno Fernandes get away with this attack on Xhaka?

The first half may have ended 0-0 between Arsenal, but there have been lots of talking points during the first 45 minutes.

One lucky point for Man United was this incident when Bruno Fernandes quite clearly rakes his studs down the back of Granit Xhaka’s leg in an attack from behind with absolutely no chance of getting the ball.

Have a look and see what you think, but what was most surprising was the fact that this foul was checked by VAR and the Man United midfielder was not even given a yellow card!


  1. I don’t think var can give yellows only reds and apparently it wasn’t bad enough. Fernandes is a dirty player regardless.

  2. The conversation was if this was an Arsenal player that would be a red. Total bias from referees. It’s slight but it’s there.

  3. The fact the ref didn’t give anything but a foul stinks to high heaven. Var cant give yellows but someone should have been shouting in the refs ear “are you blind” because it was borderline Red but stuck on yellow. The commentators didn’t make much of it either which was strange.

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