Video – how should Arsenal approach Man City game?

What is the best strategy for Arsenal to go with against Man City?

That is one of the most debated topics amongst Arsenal fans right now and not just the fans either. It is also being discussed by pundits far and wide including on ESPN.

This particular video features ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and he is all for Arsenal going all out in attack. He explains why he feels that is the best way forward for the Gunners.

I have to say, he does make a very valid argument and one worth listening to.

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  1. I have been thinking about this all day, we should press aggresively, if we score first, they will lose a bit of confidence as they are not in good form themselves, if we park the bus, we would be hammered. And please no Luiz in the team please, at least not as a defender…

    I don’t how but Lacazette, Martinelli, Pepe and Auba should start together if they are all fit.

  2. Our best option would be to play the reserves/youth team, because the first team have proved without a shadow of doubt, that they are not good enough.

  3. The most important thing that drives a football player, football team or football fans is passion. Hard-core and loyal supporters never quit on their team if they don’t succeed that’s the beauty of football. But when there is no passion, greed for victory everything seems wrong about football. Current Arsenal board is bunch of businessmen looking at the club as a source of income rather than a football club.The Gunners players are pedestrian and unimaginative no strategy is going to work without strong mentality and finishing


    MUST start Aubameyang, Pepe, Martinelli and Lacazette

    Play Lacazette in Ozil’s position. Would be a complete waste to start Ozil as he doesn’t perform against top teams.

    Our defence has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese

    I think this will be a high scoring match

  5. Look at Everton…Duncan Ferguson still play 4..4..2 against ManU. So far so good…Then why not Arsenal?

  6. The elephant in the room here, is that Arsenal are NOT ABLE to go on the attack, as suggested, because we will NOT have control of the game. It will be backs to the wall and defend for our lives in my view. We will be under vast pressure from the start and our attacking opportunities will be VERY limited. REALITY! Midfield usually controls possession and control. Just compare our midfield to theirs and think again whether we can REALLY “go on the attack”? Fantasy thinking!

    1. Spot on Jon, we need everyone working their socks off,fight for every second ball and hope our defenders will TRY to defend just for once.

  7. Actually..Freddie is going for a 4-5-1 formation…..ozil will have a free role….torreira as D/M….guendouzi as b2b midfielder….and Arsenal will play like the old Arsenal and will win…..)

  8. Left at HT embarrassing? They can keep my season ticket next year. Don’t mind ever losing, but no heart or passion is too much. Joke of a team now days

  9. Freddie should play the youngsters from now on until the end of the season. The big names are not making a difference. By playing the youngsters until the end of the season we can at least figure out those who are good enough to keep and those who should be allowed to leave. There is no point playing the big boys anymore – it cannot get worse than this. Our goal right now would be to achieve some respect and stay as far away as we can from the relegation zone – I am not implying that we will be relegated although we are only 7 points away from the 18th team Southampton.

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