Video: How to do the Ozil chop-shot? Challenge yourself at home

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has mastered a technique where he lobs the on-running goalkeeper with a chop shot, as opposed to a chip, and you can try yourself at home.

The German claims that he has always used this technique, while Specs and Timbsy claim he is the only star to utilise the chop shot.

The most famous use of this came against Liverpool in 2017 to put our side 3-2 up, only for the Reds to equalise in a thrilling encounter.

The 31 year-old has since explained why he feels the technique is useful, before showing just how to perfect the shot yourselves.

Ozil said: ‘If I’m running in front of the goal and the goalkeeper is jumping like that, sometimes if you make a chip the defender can run and clear it.

‘If you chip the ball it will go slowly to the goal, if you do it like this it’s still a chip but quicker. If you do it like that with power so the ball is going over the goalkeeper, don’t forget they are always jumping to the left or right.

‘If you show them you will shoot and they are jumping they will never expect that.’

Check it out below and why not give it a go in your gardens whilst you are ‘staying alert’ and practicing social distancing.

Have you ever seen another player use the technique? Can you master the chop shot? Was there a better use of the shot than the Liverpool goal?


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