Video – Is Arteta really thinking of sending Saliba out on loan in January?

The William Saliba saga is one of the strangest things to happen at Arsenal this season.

It just doesn’t sit right that the Gunners pay 27 million for a top class French centre-back, but then doesn’t hardly give him a chance to prove himself on the pitch except in a few U23 games.

But it would appear that Arteta has still not decided on whether to send the youngster out on loan again from January.

This is what the boss said last night….

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  1. Arsenal always complain that they don’t have money to spend and cannot compete with the likes of Chelsea and mancity in the transfer window, yet they often squander the little money they have on wrong transfer deals.
    How can you buy a player for 27mil. and fail to use him?
    What is the aim of buying the player in the first place?
    I am beginning to understand why kroenke can not invest his money in the club.
    Arsenal is surrounded by poor management, both on the pitch and off the pitch.

  2. He needs to learn to live in London and play in English leagues and English conditions.
    How will sending him back to Europe help him adapt to England?
    What are Saliba’s personal issues he is dealing with which Arteta referred to? Anything being hidden from us?
    Come on share coach.

  3. Arteta can’t use, Guendouzi,Pepe,Martineli before he got injured ,Nelson and Saliba, there is something very strange at Arsenal and time will tell if Mr Arteta will be the answer to Arenal’s long standing struggles.

  4. Arteta is worse than Wenger. Saliba wants to play but Barteta thinks he is not ready yet but Xhaka will play every game possible.

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