Video – Is it time for the Arsenal fans to step up protests against the Kroenke family?

The problems start at the very top with the Kroenke family.

This is not something new, the fans have been dissatisfied with the Kroenke family for some time now. But are we at a stage now where the protests have to be stepped up and the pressure applied?

Arsenal Youtuber Curtis Shaw has produced a video today urging that exact thing.

He puts forward a very coherent argument. He discusses the situation right back under Arsene Wenger and what the American owners did then.

This is a must-watch for all Arsenal fans that are fed up with the clubs ownership.

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  1. It is time the Kroenkes took Arsenal seriously instead of treating them like poor relations to American Football.
    Arsenal have slipped because of their lack of proper investment and their inexperience of the English premier league!

  2. Absolutely correct. This club will not move forward until the Kroenkes are gone. They have given the club nothing: no leadership, no money. They care nothing for Arsenal and will continue to destroy our club bit by bit. Let’s start protesting against them, stop buying club merchandise and stop going to games. It’s only by hitting them in the pocket that they will leave our club.

  3. Arsenal fans lie to themselves a lot. Arsenal has so far spent over 450 million pounds on transfers in the last 5 and half years. Wenger and gazidis are responsible for a lot of the rubbish in arsenal today. Wenger got away with it largely because arsenal fans worshipped him even when it was evident that the club was going down. They parked the Emirates and chanted only one Wenger, now they want to blame every other person for their lack of spine. You lots deserve everything you are getting. How can explain xhaka, mustaphi, Sanchez and ozil’s contracts. The kroenkes have little or no blame in this.

    1. NO cHRIS NO ! How can you think the Kroenkes bear no blame? They own the club for goodness sake. Thet choose to live thousands of miles away in a different continent and clearly appointed the wrong folk in charge. They NEED to be hands on the tiller themselves and IF THEY WERE, they would have seen straightaway how badly Gazidis was running things, how fast we were regressing undr Wenger and MOST OF ALL, IF THEY CARED,, WHICH THEY DO NOT, they would have appointed the right peole and properly backed them to improve the team and club. BUT THEY DID NOT, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE. How on earth can you, naively, exonerate the true villains of the harm they have done and are doing. Clealy, you have never run a business or you would know better.

      1. They are running a modern business. That is why Arsenal is a brand name. As I always say, this is their business. Put it another way how come you are not owning a club? They can hire and fire at will. That is reality. Live with it. They spent $72 million on one player alone. They brought anew team of managers on board. What else do you want them to do?

    2. Every club in Europe have had high profile flops ,if all u can say of Wenger for 22 years is musrafi and xhaka as high profile flops then it definitely show how great Wenger was to us Wenger was widely critized for lacking ambitions by selling our beat players to our rivals, rvp ,clichy,adebayor,nasri,even sagna,till today were reference points, now the same people who accused him of selling the title to united in 2012 r the same people criticizing him for not selling Sanchez to city, what a bunch, prior to this season arsenal was one of only 2 clubs in English football the owners have not invested their own money to the clubs in the last 10 years,the other being Birmingham city, have u asked how Wenger managed to pull through? Since last season only wolves has had a higher net spend than arsenal, how come the results r not showing, every arsenal fan was happy when we signed the likes of cebalos,Pepe,saliba,thierney ,martineli and luiz in the summer,in fact at that time those signings covered all the loopholes in the team,how come u r still bringing Wenger to this mess,, torriera was the DM Wenger never bought,ghendouzi was labelled Patrick viera hair apparent, how come you r still blaming Wenger? If the investments made since Wenger left hasnt worked as expected how r u still blaming Wenger? The truth is that the likes of Ramsey, cazorla,Jeff Adelaide,iwobi etc could have still bn arsenal players if Wenger is still here, ozil is a better player under Wenger and every arsenal fan was happy when ozils contract was expended, how come u turned around to accuse Wenger, Wenger is human,of course he made some mistakes as well as some magical decisions still bringing him to this mess is pure hypocrisy, Drinkwater,bakayoko,zapacosta,morata,were all high profile players bought by Chelsea that didn’t really worked out, herriera,Luke shaw,martial, lukaku,matic,even popga were all high profile players who hasn’t really worked for united, Cline,moreno,keita,markovic,etc were all expensive buys that have not really worked for Liverpool, stones,mangala,Mendy,etc have not really worked for city yet its either these clubs has moved on by either getying players to replace them or they find a way to manage them, always calling Wenger for few players who hasn’t really worked for us is hypocrisy, there r higher risk in buying bargains than in buying established talents, can we get another smarter coach than Wenger? Time shall tell,buh now I uche is privileged to witness a great man Wenger manage our club! I can’t wait to have another genius like Wenger in our team!

  4. It’s the Kroenke’s job to keep Arsenal competitive. That includes more than just giving funds, which has been patchy over the years whether you realize that or not. Gazidis and Wenger more than overstayed their welcome and should’ve been pressured out ages ago if Kroenke had any ambition for Arsenal. Why it took the entire fanbase having a meltdown to move them on shows a complete lack of preparedness from our owner. What is the long term strategy with Arsenal? What’s his vision for the club? Doesn’t seem like he has a single clue. We’re more money for him while he watches his LA Rams.

    1. Why is it that all those who want to blame Wenger, announce their views as “the entire fanbase” or “vast majority”?
      What a load of complete verbal diarrhoea, that has no factual basis whatsoever and, in fact, we are now getting fans asking for him to return and sort out the mess UE created…stay away Arsene this club doesn’t deserve you.

      Of coure everyone REALISED that funds were patchy,is this supposed to be a bolt out of the blue, a revelation that wasn’t known before? Yet Wenger was still expected to compete against chelsea, city, pool with the patchy fund…and for twenty one years he did!!!

      Wenger gave then half a season to prepare for his departure and they couldn’t even get that right could they?
      Fansoasted they got him “sacked”, then saw what a “real sacking” means – good old UE here today and gone tomorrow…still waiting to see the “adious unai” t shirts, the gold trophy for that invincible twenty odd game run to be presented in front of a full Emirates, supposedly it seems, thanking him for staying too long!!!

      Since gazidis took over and introduced the team to “get our arsenal back” we have become the laughing stock of football – from a well run club winning trophies, top four finishes and CL qualification and DESPITE KRONKIE, we find ourselves, just two years later, a manager, reportedly, turn down our club for Leicester City – we are told our players are scared of playing Watford and Brighton – we have two players refusing to sign new contracts – we have a reportedly £50-60 million pound player agree a contract offered, then see it taken away and let go for nothing – we have our coach sacked and a week later are told interviews are now taking place – this after once again being told they were looking elsewhere ages ago – we have a 60,000 stadium half empty game after game – we were humiliated by our neighbours in a europa cup final – we have players reacting to the fans by swearing at them – we have spent over £200,000 million on players in eighteen months – we have our record signing sitting on the bench, we have no idea what our tactics are, we have signed 17 players since the new regime took over and sold 21 AND after all this and despite the one single name that runs through the entire toxic situation, kronkie, followed by the new regime led by gazidis, and in danger of relegation – the lambs start bleating again about Wenger!!!!

      I would love to be given one, JUST ONE, positive thing that has happened since gazidis and his new regime took control…if one can be found, I suggest it is weighed against those above.
      “Entire fanbase”? Now you’ve got your arsenal back, you don’t like it!!!

  5. Clearly, the Kroenke family know nothing about football (the real one) or the Premier league. You never see Stan attending matches. He cares little about Arsenal and manages the club like one of his businesses. Real owners have to be there and see what’s happening. Look at Chelsea’s Abrahamovich for instance, even in bad times, the lad knows how to turn things around, because he has the football mentality which no Kroenke has…

  6. We want 4 our team to be competitive in the premier league all others are doing great while about us.we the fans we love Arsenal with all our heart I don’t want to see Arsenal falling like this at all not I love this team with all my heart

  7. I`m actually appalled with the RSPCA for not taking out some court action against Kroenke for his leading part in the genocide and near extinction of hairy beavers !………………only bald beavers will survive !

  8. Jon fox i might invest in space technology without having any clue how it works, it is up to those who I put in charge of my investment to make it work. If the wengerites hadn’t parked the Emirates and shouted down anyone who challenged their god maybe Wenger would have gone long ago. 2014 piers Morgan revealed that klopp was available but thesame wengerites kicked against change. On the argument that he hadn’t invested much, he allowed Wenger to spend what the club made so how is that a problem. We arsenal fans must face it we are a big part of the problem, settling for mediocrity over the years and coming back to claim that Wenger will do better with this squad. I mean it’s 2019 and some fans are still making excuses for ozil. SMH.

    1. Leicester was struggling for relegation before the arrival of Rodgers last April,today they r in 2nd position,18 months after Wenger has gone finishing @ 6th position despite enduring the most toxic atmosphere in our recent history, 12 players have bn recruited, a younger coach with records of trophies won was recruited ,over 200m pounds spent yet u r still calling Wenger ,what a bunch, did emery cover himself in glory with his man management and choice of players? Don’t u think another smarter coach could have done better than emery? We were warned to be very careful what we were asking for then buh we paid little attention, today we r worse off than under Wenger yet we r still blaming him for our challenges! What a bunch!

    2. Chris, My whole point , which you simply refuse to see, is that owners are responsible for the standard, whether good or ill, of whoever they appoint. Only a dullard could possibly think Gazidis was anything other than a total disaster and con man who lied all the time to our fans. He was poison and almost 100% of fan posts on here over manay years have said exactly that. If you employed your space technology bods and they fouled up then it is YOU who areultimatelt responsible You either accept that clear truth or you don’t It is to your discredit that you don’t.

      I was firmly against Wenger remaining, ever since 2008 and was easily the first to call for his head, long beforr most others saw what I had seen plainly for years already. You seem fairly new on this site so may not have read my hundreds of anti Wenger, anti Walcott and anti Ozil posts but others will attain to them being true. I, MORE THAN ALMOST ANYONE I KNOW, DO NOT BELIEVE IN PRETENDING A PROBLEM DOES NOT EXIST AND HOPING IN VAIN IT WILL MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR. It does not, unless you ACT to change things. Kroenke as owner needs to act NOW or we seriously face a bitter relegation fight which we might, just might, lose. IT WILL BE HIS FAULT, AS HE IS THE OWNER. REALITY! So your CORRECT Wengerite comments do NOT APPLY TO ME!

      I do agree that Ozil has been a complete waste of a shirt and team place for almost all but his first two seasons and is a massive drain on the club and , being bone idle, a terrible role model too.

  9. First of all not attending or boycotting games would have a very negative effect on the players.
    It’s not fair to punish the team for the failings of the owner even if SOME of the team are under performing. It’s up to the head coach to get them performing again.
    It’s no secret Silent Stan has no interest with the football side of the club. He’s even said it publicly.
    He only cares about his investment and the only way to hurt him is in his pocket.
    As I said boycotting games is not the solution.
    Matchday sales is the way to do it. Don’t buy merchandise from the club store. Don’t buy official programs but the main way would to not buy any food or drink inside the stadium.
    All the stadium catering is supplied by Delaware North. Just google Delaware North Emirates Stadium.
    Their contract to supply the food and drink is worth millions. If they suddenly have zero sales on matchdays it won’t be long before they start demanding answers from the board.

  10. The problem is many of the fans are not different from Kronke simply because they are neither entrepreneurs nor have they worked where appraisals are done regularly. We have been told that Kronke and his family are not interested in trophies but the small Millions that they mop up at the end of the season with high tickets from fans and the likes. This suited corrupt Wenger and Gazidis that they started selling players that could have done better for Arsenal, recruited failures and be feeding us with lies upon lies season after season. Why and how on earth will someone that has no passion for football own a team and that club will be performing well. He doesn’t come to watch match because he has no interest in that, all he does is to request for the surplus made to be transferred to him. Wenger and Gazidis loved it so and fully played along. Those arguing that the trio of Kronke, Gazidis and Wenger are not responsible for what the club is suffering from right now are jokers. Didn’t Real Madrid request for Wenger to come over and he turned it down because they will sack him if he falls to deliver trophies simply put. Because football is their business. If you own a business you love and have passion for you will not be accommodating staff/workers that are not producing the required results let’s not be lying to ourselves.The trio lost love and passion for the club and football, their interests is just the money. If Wenger really love the club why did he impose Ozil and his huge wage bill on the club, tell me who was he paying 250K a week when he was in charge, he refused to accept 60 mil from M’City for Sanchez and hand over, people argue that it means selling to direct opponent yet he handed him over to another opponent and brought in the liability called Mihky. How Kronke have been comfortable and happy with all that have been happening in Arsenal in the past seven years baffles me. The more the fans unites solidly and raise banners in the stadium for one full month demanding for Kronke to rise up or step out, if there’s no positive response after that, then we boycott the rest of season’s matches. I’m very sure the hypocrites here will come up now and say no oo way, we have been Arsenal supporters since 1945 we can’t boycott matches, anyway there’s no problem.

  11. Hell yeah mate! Give some reality check to lost fans and readers! We are being killed by some greedy vicious billionnaire, using us to make profit!

    No ambition beside keeping Emirates full, it secures advertising, TV rights, sponsors!

    Empty Stadium against Frankfurt, Emery kicked out straight away! In order to have we suckers fans back at Emirates! It worked! Just as sacking Wenger and throw Pepe 70M in our faces, showing ambition and we all were celebrating!

    A trick ; it is a payement plan deal, 30M upfront, same for Saliba, 10M and Tierny 15! Selling Kss and co, does bring us to that 45M budget we on for over a decade!

    It is all falling appart, all we need to do so as Franfurt for 3 games Kroenke will sell fast before to lose all value he got for himself, over a Billion in a decade of slaving Wenger securing CL and our good image for a decade strong with n money!

    This s now Kroenke all by himself, in danger! Slam this low life cowboys out of town and UK!

  12. Kroenke has made one very big mistake, He THINKS he owns Arsenal Football Club.
    He’s so wrong, the fans own Arsenal. Without us he owns 100% shares in nothing.
    Infact as a supporter I own Arsenal.

    #iownarsenal start spreading it.

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