Video – Is Mikel Arteta the man to rebuild Arsenal?

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens discuss what Mikel Arteta needs to do to rebuild Arsenal.

This is a very good debate between Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens covering a lot of issues that Arteta will be facing at Arsenal.

There is none of the grandstanding that you see from a lot of pundits. These two have a proper realistic discussion about Arteta, what he can do for the team and certain players and what needs to be done with them.

There was one comedy moment for me which was Marcotti’s opinion on which Arsenal players would get into the Man City side. I will not spoil it but let’s just say, on this one I totally disagree with Gab.

This is an enjoyable video from ESPN UK, I am positive you will agree with it.

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  1. If we sell Xhaka in January we must try to get Rabiot on loan.

    Rabiot and Torreira at the base of the midfield would be exciting. Full of energy and defensively solid. Rabiot passing ability is equal to if not better than Xhaka.

    If we could the get Partey in the summer and even try to get Rabiot on a permanent transfer (even at the expense of Torreira) we would have an amazing midfield base.

    Partey and Rabiot would be a dream pairing. Strong, athletic, defensively solid and lots of energy.

    1. @Rashon
      Rabiot is the kind of midfielder we need. One who can recycle the ball from defence to a track fairly with ease. Good with the ball at his feet also…

      1. Kolas, Xhaka, Torreira been bashed here on a regular basis; now he needs to be paired with Rabiot who is not good enough for Juve…

        Let’s get it right, we have young players as Niles, Willock, Gendouzi and Chambers who can play DM as Luiz, add experience.

        Therefore, to sell lose Xhaka and Torreira won’t harm as long as we play right formation. But sell Kolas now would be a mistake as we already miss a player there, obliged to play Saka; strange with Mustafi available…

        Before transfer window, we have at least 3 games, til Palace on january 11th, realistically, we won’t sign anyone to play by then.

        Kolas won’t be back before then, Tierny is not due before March.

        Next fixture

        Bellerin – Mustafi – Holding – Chambers
        Niles Willock
        Auba – Laca

        This is passing football, speed, solid defensively and fast going forward.
        In term of rotation, playing 3 days later.

        Once we have Luiz or Chambers in front of CBs, it frees everyone else and offers many options for 5 players above them…

        Shows that we have enough in midfield and attack.

        Now, if Naples wants Torreira as bad and ready to sell Koulibaly, it is obvious that we have opportunity to solve this central defense disaster.

        Sell Xhaka, add some money and buy a RB and LB. Dumb to sell Kolas we need, do so this summer as he seems wanted…

        To have midfield players running like crazy, doesn’t bring goals but have us defend most of the game, until we get a top CB, we must play one infront of both CBs. Allows team to attack, not run as chikens to secure a draw…

        1. Omg
          Everyone has an opinion on who we should sign or what team we should put out
          That’s why we love this game ..all about opinons
          Would have to say most peoples opinion on ozil is ship him out and isn’t fit for purpose in our team
          No desire. No commitment
          He seems to have lost the desire of a will to win on the pitch. Shows it off bit that’s no good to us
          Interesting times ahead for us and many team changes and personnel

  2. Interesting video? Lol
    Cover a lot of issues? πŸ™‚
    Realistic debate? Ha ha.
    All I saw was a brief video about Marcotti looking so bloated like he just finished
    a 25 course meal and polished off 3 bottles of wine in one gulp.
    What really makes me laugh/cry is Marcotti pretending he knows
    anything about English football πŸ™‚
    Look it is Xmas day here already so I will give you a break
    Best wishes admin and all on JA πŸ™‚

  3. Fundamentally, there is only one question of importance…will Arteta fix our defending? Wenger gave up on it, Emery couldn’t fix it, and neither could Ljungberg. Fourth time lucky?

    1. I think defending might be the last to improve.
      1. We genuinely have shit players for a ‘top 6’ side, which might take at least 2 windows to slightly improve.
      2. It will depend largely on first improving our midfield and its transitions which will take time – again partially due to the players we have – Xhaka slow, Guen and Ceballos – both clueless defensively (let’s not even get into Ozil), Willock – still far from being a top player…
      3. Arteta will need to teach our players how to do more cynical fouling to stop fast counterattacks.

  4. J Laurens is getting a bit of an accent, reminds me a little of Bellerin on some of his words. Marcotti, don’t rate the guy as a pundit, he likes to talk though, sigh!

  5. Our main issue is to fix defense, but it takes money to get top guys.

    Reds got it and did not BS, put the money and got that issue solved…

    It takes a board and owner who have put them there to make right moves.

    Last transfer window was a total scam to cool us fans, make sure we attend and fill stadium. Not at all looking into reinforcing team.

    Signed an injury prone LB, injured to start season, played 3 games, injured again. A CB,
    who is not here, Ceballos on loan and Pepe in payement plan as Saliba and Tierny.

    But in the end, these players did not bring anything; Kroenke got his tricky boomerang back in his face!

    The most rated CB today after VanDjick is Koulibaly, more exprnsve, a total beast, commanding, who will pair and make that partnrr better as we see at Reds.

    He plays for Naples and his boss is okay for him to leave, wanted Ospina, we gave him; now wants Torreira!

    Is it so complicated to get that we have a big opportunity to sign Koulibaly who is wanted by Spurs, Man U, City and now Everton?

    This is common sense, we had no need of Pepe with young players we have and Auba + Laca already. Nor Ceballos but a Top CB! We have a lost board and owner who just don’t care for Football period, Arsenal is an entreprise generating profit!

    It will always be issues until we get owners who care for this club and game consitiing in winning trophies.

  6. My dream team would be Leno, Ricardo, saliba, holding,Tierney.
    Toreira, rabiot. Traore, Douglas Costa, zaha.
    Timo werner/auba. What a dream .this team will cost us nothing less than 400m to compose. ricardo(lester city) is the best RB in the league, rabiot(juve) is the best DLP after pirlo. Traore(wolves) is the best RW in the league,zaha needs no intro, Werner is giving lewandozski a run in the bundesliga, Douglas Costa(juve) is a Brazilian Kevin debrune. These players will be very expensive. But these players mirror mancity players like for like in terms of technique, guile, composure And tenacity. Sadly we won’t get them. Don’t know what arsenal’s tech department is doing if I, an ordinary blogger, can spot these gems

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