Video: Is this Ramsdale save a contender for save of the season?

Aaron Ramsdale pulled off an amazing save to deny Tottenham this weekend in the North London Derby, and I believe the Arsenal goalkeeper could be in contention for save of the season.

The Englishman has been thoroughly impressive since given the chance to star in the first-team, and already appears to have displaced Bernd Leno between the sticks.

His performance in the weekend’s big game with Tottenham didn’t fail to impress either, and his communication with his team-mates as well as his amazing reflexes are proving Arsenal right for making him a priority signing this summer.

Can you remember many better saves?


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  1. I think most keepers would have saved it. Probably should have tipped it over the bar for a corner as we were very lucky the rebound didn’t fall to a Spurs player to tap in.

      1. Declan he is simply being honest, as I am too in firmly agreeing with fairfan. This save was nothing at all out of the ordinary at that level of keeper and if it were, then it would mean he was not normally up to the job, which of course he IS!
        For PATRICK to ridiculously claim it as an “amazing save” is hype gone crazy and is clearly absurd and nonsense!

        Just be honest, please!

  2. I am very impressed with Ramsdale. I think most of us believed that he will be second choice to Leno, or gradually taking his place, but up until now he is simply performing better.

  3. It’s not even surprising to me because as usual I didn’t my own bias stop me from the fact that what the club has been trying to do over the last 2 seasons is to have two quality GK who will push each other to be better with their performances.
    Good one Ramsdale, Good one.
    Hope those fans who called him all sorts of names and made so many negative remarks about him are ashamed of themselves.

    1. Well said Eddie.

      The lad’s a breath of fresh air, and week by week will prove he’s a bloody good keeper too.

      Those who abused Ramsdale are the same type of walking disgrace who abused young Rhys Porter re’ his efforts for cerebral palsy.

      Low life’s is putting it very mildly for the purposes of site rules !

  4. What I loved even more than the save is how animated he was in his interaction with Partey – a senior player. I dont think Partey was left in any doubt that Ramsdale felt he should have hoofed the ball down field when he had the chance.


  5. There was a lot of negative press about Ramsdale and that our signing him was a huge mistake! From what I’ve seen so far he’s doing fine, give him a chance to settle and I think we have acquired a really good keeper. Leno was making lots of mistakes and his concentration was letting him down in games where we were winning. Maybe the competition will help him focus and get back to where he was when he initially joined us.

  6. Great save and, I might add, a crucial one.
    The spuds were trying hard to rescue something from the game and if Ramsdale hadn’t produced this save, we would have had an uncomfortable last few minutes…. despite out classing them throughout the game and in every department.

    1. We are lucky to have two strong keepers. Hopefully both can get meaningful game time if we can have good runs in the cups. I am interested to see how Leno responds when he gets his chance.

    2. Recency bias I guess. That was also more reflexes involved, while this one was more athleticism involved. Not knocking down any save, but as you said people do forget about Leno.

  7. Leno, did some good saves, ramsdale did a brilliant one. He should be the first choice in many a game, he reads, knows how to start the game from the back, has the player confidence, and can slow the game down with ease. Those qualities are evading Leno. My Hans are up for Aarooooon

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