Just Arsenal Show Video – Is Ruben Neves or Youri Tielemans the best fit for Arsenal?

The Just Arsenal Transfer Window Show is back starring Alfie and Rob

Alfie and Rob are back with the Just Arsenal Show and today they discuss Ruben Neves and Youri Tielemans. Both players have been heavily linked with moves to North London, sparking debate as to which type of profile Arsenal should be after to complement the existing cohort at the club.

While Neves looks to be more of a number six to provide an alternative to Partey, Tielemans would likely compete to take Xhaka’s spot at the left-eight. Which should Arsenal prioritise?

Or could we really do with both?

Enjoy the video.

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  1. Tielemans is a possibility but Neves as much as I like him won’t ever come to us. Off topic but £89 million Pogba is leaving on a free but I thought only Arsenal did such stupid deals🙄, well that’s what everything says on here.

  2. After tonight’s performance, Zivchenko please. Perfect for us -mobile , skilled left footed midfielder and cover for Tierney.

    1. Both. No one has echoed these sentiments. 0ur midfield hasn’t been of the best. For me Partey is injury prone, xhakka on the other hand has had his moments. Arsenal needs to stabilse the midfield.

    2. Great shout for Zivchenko. Arsenal should stop all this project youth nonsense with Hickey and get someone properly experienced to take us to the next level.

  3. Really interesting discussion. I think with Neves we have a bit more tactical flexibility; he can play as a 6 in a 433 in place of Partey or Partey can play as a B2B on the left 8, or we can switch to a 4231 with him and Partey as a double pivot. However, I dont know how he would do in that left 8 and Tielemans would offer us more of a goal threat, which we highly need

  4. Neither of these players are coming in unless someone is leaving or our tactics are changing drastically…surely we could never have Tielemans, Xhaka and Ode in the midfield, as none of them have can defend worth beans, whereas, if Xhaka leaves, god willing, only Neves would make some sense, as we can’t rely on Partey to be the deepest-lying CDM…fact remains, as long as MA plans on rolling out Xhaka and Ode each and every match we have limited tactical options and no one of any consequence is going to come in without the same sort of assurances that these two luxury-type players currently enjoy

  5. Neves by a million miles…..who said he doesn’t have a goal threat? He can play box to box.

    The problem with Arsenal’s attack is that the midfielders cannot win the ball enough (when Partey is not there) to allow our attacking players to receive the ball. Ode’s best performances came when Partey was on song because he was able to receive the ball a great deal.

    If there is one major reason we lost top 4 it is Partey’s injury. Neves will plug that gap.

    And of course we can play both Neves and Partey together or Neves and Xhaka whenever Partey is injured. I just don’t fancy Tielesman and Xhaka (when Partey’s injured) because that combination will not win the ball enough to allow our forwards to thrive.

    1. Joe 71. u r spot on.

      We have a greater chance of winning if Partey is in midfield. We need someone like partey a ball winning player. Someone physical just like viera in the past. We slip into 5th cos of Partey absense and also a player finisher threat.

      1. Tbh our tactics are not to score goals from center midfield in terms of or #6 & #8 so why people want a goal scoring 8 next to Partey per say is silly. As Joe 71 said and is spot on, it’s about transition and that is what Partey supplies, to turn defence into attack quickly and providing options for our defence.

        Having Partey and Xhaka who are good passers of the ball is key to get the ball forward to Odegaard or our wingers and fullbacks. But ill also add in we need fullbacks who can attack and defend, they are also an outball. When we lost Tierney, Tomiyasu and Partey it killed us off we had little supply and no width and fewer out balls. Additionally when moves broke down, Soares and Taveres can’t defend so we were conceding more goals.

        Strength and depth in these areas is vital this summer. We need RB, LB, #6, #8, and a #9 this is why we lost top 4, we lacked the strength and depth in these areas. That’s nobody’s fault if the players are not available we can’t sign them. We can do what Chelsea, City and Utd do and make clubs offers they can’t refuse.

        Back to the article choices we need a Neves or a better version of what Xhaka is supposed to be X 2 and cover for Partey. Key transitional players who can win the ball back and get it forward or wide as quickly as possible. Especially when teams play a high press, we could have beaten Liverpool on all 3 occasions this season. We did well for the opening periods of these games. We moved the ball from defense to attack behind the press quickly, as this is a major weakness to this tactic. Not having a consistent striker killed us because in your dominant periods you have to score. We failed to do this and against weaker teams too and would end up losing those games.

        So if I were to pick we probably need Neves more than Tielemans but if I’m honest I wouldn’t go for either. Mainly because of cost and the fact that they haven’t been incredible consistent for their teams sonce arriving. I would prefer Danilo who is cheeper, taller, quicker, stronger whilst being able to do what they can. We need to become stronger and more dominant though the middle Nevez and Tielemans won’t improve that

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