Video – Just Arsenal Show – Dan Smith on “Is it time to move on from Aubameyang?”

This week’s Just Arsenal Show is featuring our very own Dan Smith giving his forthright views on our captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who after a very mediocre return in the last campaign, has continued in the same vein this season.

So far, Auba has scored 4 goals in 12 games in the EPL; but it is the glaring misses that have shown that he has lost his confidence in front of goal.

At 32 has he simply lost his mojo? Or has he become too comfortable after signing his new mega contract?



  1. It could be anything from a list of reasons why it isnt clicking for him .

    Age as caught up with him
    Arteta dismal team set ups and tactics
    Or lack of confidence.
    What I do know is that he probably needs replacing at the end of the season (along with the manager )but will we be able to shift him on ?that’s another question all together .

    Funny how he was top class before a certain someone got his hands on him though .. just saying ..

    1. Agreed…we play s defensive style but with no counter attack?????? Not sure how strikers are supposed to function in a system like that.

      The fact that Crystal Palace in 13th place has a better goal difference than us should tell us all we need to know.

    2. YES A NUMBER OF REASONS PERHAPS . But whenever a player who was formerly a great player goes off his form for so long It is most often because he no longer cares enough to give 100%.
      And in our tough,. unforgiving Prem, NO player who is consistently LAZY -and as ever I call it what it is and don’t shilly shally around the TRUTH – has a hope inhell of succeeding.
      Other factors too, including being older and too comfortable on his obscenely and stupidly awarded salary also play a part. But LAZINESS is the main reason for his uselessness.
      Lets not deny that truth, eh?

      1. 6 defeats in 15 games yet arsenal play one game a week.I tried to trust the process man.I tried but the more I do I get disappointed. Arsenal fans are delusion to continue supporting a novice manager dispite the bad results.

  2. The guy has contributed precious little and the Manager was right to take him off at Manchester.He put on two strikers in an effort to get a point , yet he is being criticised by certain so called knowledgeable pundits for so doing.Utter nonsense.He should not start against Everton, but he probably will.We need an upgrade for next season, that is for sure.

    1. Oh no. He should be rested. Is it the strain of being a captain that is interfering with his ability? It’s still the same, rest him and give someone else a show. Give the arm band to our esteemed GK. He not only direct players, but lead from the front.

  3. He should be moved on but who is going to pay him 300G a week or anything near that?.We are stuck with him I’m afraid.

  4. Our top 3 “strikers” are under performing.
    Well sort of.
    Premier League goals this season.
    Aubameyang 60m 300k p/w = 4 Goals
    Lacazette 50m 200k p/w 1 Goal
    Pepe 72mill 140 k p/w 0 Goals.
    ESR 5
    Odegaard 2
    Saka 2
    Gabriel 1
    Martinelli 1
    Partey 1
    So Aubameyang is “statistically” our top designated “striker” with 4 goals.
    Kane has only scored one PL goals this season and Spurs are a catch up game off top 4.
    Vardy has scored 8 goals but Leicester are 4 points behind having played one more game.
    Utd has scored 8 more goals and Westham 11 more goals. We are averaging barely a goal a game yet if we beat Everton tomorrow we will go above United and be but a point off Westham who are in 4th. We then play Southampton and Westham at home and if we win all 3 games will be clear 4th by the 15th.
    Its a funny old game
    Keep up the faith.
    Trust the process.

    1. All this talk about pepe this pepe that is sickening. Has pepe been given a chance this season..NO. pepe’s goals were the reason we even climbed to 8th position end of last season, but we judge him on just the brentford game this season after it was a team collapse. We need goals we need goals but yet Arteta keeps subbing in an inefective and wanting-to-leave Nketiah instead of pepe.

  5. Aubamayeng should do the honorable thing and leave. I still think the Manager should stay, he has done well with this young team. He should be given a chance to complete his project of rebuilding the team. The minority of fans forget that this team has been playing together for a very short while. And I think they have done very well.

    Support The Manager!!
    Trust The Process!!

    1. And certain fans forget when you bring new players in they should already be in the mold that fit the team and style of play….not be a 2/3 years project until they produce.

      Or should we allow players 3 years to settle in before judging?

    2. Arteta is better off as a sporting director than a manager, cos he is too bias to be one. His man manager= awful, tactical subs= awful, style of play=awful.
      Yes he made the team believe again, brought in some good team morals, setup young crop of player…… a manager u gotta know how to USE all what you setup.

  6. Most people will criticize Auba for lack of goals but forget that for a striker to perform well, he needs service! Any striker will struggle all day if he doesn’t get constant supply of good balls in good areas. Its no coincidence that his period of poor form coincides with the absence of Ozil, who was our best creator.

    Its worth mentioning that none of the midfielders we have at the moment are anywhere near Ozil’s stats in his last season with us.

    This also explains why the rest of the fowards in the team are struggling – lack of creativity.

    1. And The Few services Auba and Laca gets, Do they convert it?😒
      Auba missed a Sitter against Newcastle, missed penalty against Aston Villa and Watford!
      As for Laca, he rounded Dubraka but couldn’t score!😏
      Our midfielders and Wingers have Lost Confidence in them!
      Aside the injured Xhaka, Auba and Laca are currently the Clog in Arsenal’s wheel of Progress!😒🥺

    2. Back on line at last, after the storm that left us without water, phone, Internet and electricity for five days.

      Being at the Newcastle game, what Gunnerphyte is saying, is so very very true.
      We lack any kind of midfield dominance and inspiration.
      As I couldn’t watch the manure game, I assume it was the same mediocre performance once again?

      Laziness is a perceived opinion and MA certainly doesn’t see Aubemeyang in the same way that some fans do, so should we trust the process?

      With such a terrible GF record this season, there is obviously something wrong that sees ALL our forwards struggling to score and, if one would only watch out for any kind of creativity from the midfield, one would fall asleep waiting for the incisive passes that would release our forwards.

      But it’s not only our forwards who are a shadow of themselves… Partey, Tierney, Odegaard, Saka and Pepe are all under performing.

      I’ll be amazed if we match WHU in any area of the pitch and for those who derided Fabianski, take a look at what he’s doing!!!!

      1. @Ken45 from what I observed yesterday its official Arteta has lost the dressing room the body language of players like lacazzet, Tierney, Auba,and Xhaka showed players who were disinterested in the game there was a visible mental block,we couldn’t string two passes together. And how has not playing in Europe helped to improve the league performance,one game a week and we can’t press!

  7. Aubameyang is Finished! It’s as Simple as that! 😟
    Some footballers burn out earlier than others!. Modric, Thiago Silva, Benzema, Lewandowski,etc are Still playing with Aggression and Hunger!..
    But Auba and Laca, It’s like they are 50 Year olds!😒
    If I were Arteta, I would Bench both and play Nketiah and Martinelli!
    We don’t really have Much to Lose! This is the Perfect time for Experiments!

  8. Auba is good but has became inconsistent. For Arsenal to keep moving or evolve. Either bench Auba or play our 2 Nket/Martin more matches and rotate more.
    Aubas agent for sure will wana move on and get the best salary considering his age to be fair.
    Look at Ronaldo even at age 36. He just had the instinct to score. Even most strikers can’t score as well as him.
    Arsenal is much better than last season just that we need 1 or 2 players to score n threaten more just like Henry/Van Persie or Bergkamp qualities.
    If we can have another 2 of these players looking at Top 3 is not far with our existing talented young players

  9. Bogus analysis. Utter rubbish. Nowhere in this video does our very own, Dan Smith, consider if the rookie manager could be using our striker, as well as other players, incorrectly.

    Just one question DS…do you really expect our 32-year-old striker to press all game, track runners from box to box, lead counter attacks and still remain sharp, focused and ready to put away all scoring chances that come his way?

    In the same vein, I will be waiting for your next videos slamming other senior players like Pepe, Partey, Laca and others for loss of form.

    Talk about…the elephant in the room. Arteta is to be blamed; he carries the ultimate responsibility for the performance of the full team.

    I would humbly suggest your next video should the lack of leadership skills from Arteta, who has show zero ability to develop and use players at his disposal effectively.


      1. My second question to you DS – following the pathetic 2-1 loss to Everton. How do you feel about rookie manager today….subbing N’Ketiah for Martinelli, leaving ignoring Auba and Pepe on the Bench? Also, why has Arteta turned against Sambi?

  10. Dis guy is an average player and will continue to be an average player .
    He’s only in arsenal to get d big box.
    arsenal is a shameless and worthless club to sign a player like dis.

  11. If U expect arsenal to achieve a top 4 finish in d league with a player like abumeyang u must be deluded.
    Dis guy doesn’t fall in de category of an elite striker.he cant even lace d boots of a lewandoski(33yrs)zlatan(40yrs),benzema(33yrs),mane,salah,CR7(37yrs),suarez,H.kane,mbappe, vlahovics, immobile,Messi(34yrs), haaland offcause messi(34yrs),Sterling,Memphis depay,lukaku,cavani,giroud
    and d list goes on
    Dis guy belongs in a mid table team like southhampton or burnley

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