Video – Kieran Tierney shows up poor Mustafi in training

It is always satisfying for any player to make an immediate impression in their first training session with a new club and Kieran Tierney did just that today, at the expense of Shkodran Mustafi.

The young Scottish left-back nutmegged the under fire Mustafi much to the delight of their Arsenal teammates.

Tierney along with his fellow full-back Hector Bellerin made their return to full training on Thursday following long term injuries and it could not have gone any better for the 22-year-old former Celtic star.

This was probably the last thing Mustafi needed to go public, especially when he has basically been demoted to fringe player status but it will no doubt please the Arsenal fans to see Tierney looking so fresh.

On a more serious note, it is good to see both Tierney and Bellerin back in first-team training and it can only be a matter of time before they get to back to competitive football.


  1. Imagine the impact our full backs will make, our front line of PAL is as good as any team’s own, LFC? yes, MCT ? yes. how about our full backs?
    up there with the best.

  2. Yes, I saw the video as well and mustafi was joining in with the good humoured banter that happens during any traing session I would suggest.
    Good to see him putting in the effort and not causing the same kind of ill feeling that Sanchez did…well done Mustafi.
    What is the point in trying to humiliate a current Arsenal player, who has been told he has no future at the club, like this?

    As for the “more serious note”, that’s great news, they both looked fit and raring to go and with Holding close to match fitness, the defence of Leno-Bellerin-Chambers-Holding-Tierney feels as if it could be our mainstay for years to come, just give them the opportunity.

      1. Not sure Emery rates Chambers. So I don’t see a Chambers-Holding pairing be a mainstay.

        Personally, I would like to see Chambers get a bunch of games in a row to show us if he is ready or not. ATM I would prefer him overt Sokratis and Luiz.

          1. Hi Sue, I sort of wish he would play him more often. He seems more level headed than Sokratis and Luiz.

            I would rather see him disappoint after having been given a series of games than not understand why he doesn’t play.

          2. Hi Truth.. i have to admit, I’m not a very big fan of Chambers. Having said that, i know he had a good game against Newcastle.. and i was expecting to see a lot more of him after that, but maybe Unai is saving him for the cups & Europa??
            Holding will be back soon, so I’m really intrigued as to what Unai comes up with, will he carry on with Sok & Luiz (& turn all our hair grey & send our heart beat racing) or will he pair one of them with Rob or will we even see Mustafi again??
            Decisions.. decisions…. just as long as we win hey ?

    1. I absolutely agree with your comments ken. I’ve been so fed up with the negativity on here and vitriol aimed at our own players I’ve had to stop myself commenting. And now we have got articles like this trying to show normal training banter amongst team mates as one of them being “shown up” by another. It’s almost as if our site is trolling our own player…smh.

      1. Well said!if People can make the difference between a training session and a game well!also not nice trying to ridicule one of our players.

    2. Totally agree ken1945
      What is the point in turning basically a good little video into continued Mustafi bashing? The seemingly endless pursuing of especially Mustafi and Xhaka has gotten out of hand.

  3. Poor Mustafi.
    The “Shkrod” is on the bones of his Khyba.
    Down to his last $5,764,000.
    How does he manage to pay the lecci?
    No League minutes so he has been paid 1,700,000 pounds
    for a pre-season holiday in the States and going to training.
    Life can be mean.

    1. Well said! Not all bad being told, you don’t need to work by your employer, but we’re still going to pay you lots of money.

  4. Well, if UE wasn’t so thick as to tell him he wasn’t wanted and then couldn’t sell him Agu Emen, maybe he would have been in a better position with the player – after all, UE was the man who gave him a new contract, paid him lots of money and then decided he didn’t want to keep him…who’s actually got the problem…as you pointed out, mustafi can honour his contract, sit on his khyba and laugh at those who think it’s good for the club.

    You got your wish, he’s not wanted, he’s being nutmegged in training and, according to the man himself, UE made him a better player, so keep paying him the lolly and just remember, poor old musty isn’t losing a penny….life can also be a bed of roses, he’s laughing at you all the way to the bank.

    1. That’s why I admire Mkytarhian for joining Roma on a massive pay cut (as stated by the club’s football director) just so he can play football.
      Money’s not everything after all.

    2. And you point exactly ken1945, are you saying the manager did wrong by telling mustafi he’s not good enough and should look for another club. I will be waiting for your reply.

      1. Perhaps Mustafi did try very hard to look for another club but if no one wanted him he’s more than entitled to stay, train hard, do his best when he does get called upon (as he will) and accept the pay his contract entitles him to. Something that certainly cannot be levelled at a Mustafi is lack of effort.

      2. Lenohappy, I always reply to direct quedttions, so not sure why you should make a point of it to me … anyway,,,

        My point, exactly, is as stated in my first post and it was quite clear and concise, hence the replies to it.

        My second reply to the ever positive Agu, Emen, who seemed to delight in trying to belittle the player further. L personally couldn’t see the point of either attacks and , hopefully, explained to Agu, what a tiresome effort at being sarcastic his post was.

        For the record, I am in complete agreement with UE on his Mustafi decision, but will never see the point of trying to humiliate a fellow human being, especially from behind a keyboard.

  5. Mustafi moment will come,he will bounce back just as many have done.Never say never until He lives the club

    1. I would love the defence of bellerin, holding, saliba and Tierney. Would mind if we use a back 3 of Rob, Chambers/saliba and movrapanos (if ever he is going to show the potential of that Manchester utd match at old Trafford). I am one guy who love fair treatment, if mustafi was shown the direction of the door for costful errors, why leave Xhaka.

  6. It can’t be that tough to out defend Mustafi

    I think Bellerin and Tierney will make the team stronger and with Saliba next season hopefully we will have a very good defence

    This season CB we have Luiz, Chambers, Holding, Sokratis, Mustafa.
    I have a feeling the best duo will be Luiz and Holding but we will need to wait and see

  7. Good to see Tierney in training but disappointed with another unnecessary bashing of Mustafi. As much as i/we don’t rate him, turning a simple training clip into an instrument for the humiliation of an Arsenal player is stupid.

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