Video – Kieran Tierney speaks on many subjects including his teammates

Kieran Tierney has sat down with Goal and answered a whole variety of questions ranging from his favourite music to all things Arsenal and Celtic.

It is actually a very entertaining video and some of his answers are quite revealing. I will not give you any spoilers but he reveals who his hardest opponent was, his best football memory, favourite goal and so on.

There are some funny moments including who is the worst dressed player at Arsenal and also some downbeat answers like his worst moment as a player.

Watch the video below, I am sure you will enjoy it

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  1. Tierney comes across strongly as a very serious minded and non flippant guy. He seems still very attached to Celtic too.

    My suspicion is that as a communicator he lacks charisma and that is PERHAPS one reason why he was not chosen as club captain.

    But he IS exactly the tyoe of player and person you would want beside you in the “trenches”.

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