Video Opinion- Latest Arsenal transfer rumours discussed including Zaha


Wilfried Zaha to Arsenal in January but questions continue to linger.

Another video for you from an Arsenal Youtuber though this one is a little more popular than some I have brought you. Lee Gunner has 30k followers and I do enjoy what he has to say. Even if I do not always agree with him.

The reason I have gone with him today is that he opens up his video on Wilfried Zaha and I thought he made some very valid points.

He never really discusses the validity of the rumours but speaks more about whether is Zaha Arsenal quality.

I like these sort of videos because rumours are always easily dismissed and rightfully so. But I do enjoy the discussions over them, just in case.

He obviously touches on other rumours and overall it is an insightful enjoyable watch.

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Updated: November 17, 2019 — 4:59 pm


  1. Despite being the best dribbler in EPL currently, his transfer to Arsenal would be highly unlikely to happen in January

    No problem, because Vinicius Jr might be availaible soon

  2. He wish to wear the shirt, maybe Arsenal should consider that because we have some players that do not match the club.

  3. The Saha issue is beginning to bore me.With the emergence of a young talent like Martinelli do we need a temperamental winger who failed to make the grade at Man Utd?

    1. We need another Gooner that will fight for the badge

  4. Piece of advice to Saha he should ignore interest from arsenal as it is a sinking ship and to continue improving at palace until a proper team tries to sign him

    1. Are you a Spud or a Palace fan?

      1. I think that you are more of a Spuds than I am and honestly speaking do you really believe that he could improve in our current style

        1. @Wes
          He’d be an improvement compared to Pepe…

  5. He would be an improvement over Aubameyang and Martinelli on the LW

    Pepe RW
    Zaha LW
    Aubameyang or Lacazette Striker

    We would just need a Top CAM and possibly have the best Attack in the PL

    1. And Emery would find a way not to play the 3 together. Same coach who plays Tierney in weak Europa game and starts Kola in PL game, gets torched, we lose 2-0, and Emery claims his tactics worked.

      Problem isn’t players, problem is Emery.

  6. Forget Zaha, he isn’t needed and way overpriced, fix the midfield and centre of defence first.

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