Video – Latest Mikel Arteta rumours and speculation analysed

Latest Mikel Arteta media rumours discussed by Arsenal Youtuber.

There is so much news being spouted by the media that it is hard to keep track. The board interviewing Patrick Vieira, players not wanting Mikel Arteta and so on are covered by Lee Gunner.

He takes quite a bit of time attacking the actual players and their attitudes and whether they will accept Arteta as the next Arsenal manager. In fact, Lee wants the entire playing squad sold, well, the senior players anyway.

He is not a great fan of Arteta and questions what difference he will make.

I actually agree with a lot of what Lee says. Have a look and let me know your feedback.

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  1. Honestly the pundit and fan debates about football are actually
    more entertaining than actually watching the games.
    In most games teams in possession knock the ball sideways + backwards 20 times in their own half allowing the defense time to form up in two banks of 5 in front of their 18 yard box.
    The attackers then inch their way down field passing the ball side ways and backwards
    another 30 times before trying a cross or shot which usually goes no where near the goal.
    The other team takes over and they too pass the ball sideways and backwards 50 times
    before trying a shot.
    Both sides have at least 50 possessions and take at least 500 touches each yet the average scoreline is only 2-1 and most of those goals come from defender errors or deflections.
    And players are paid millions to serve up this dross 🙁
    PL players should be paid 5k or less per week and tickets should be 10 quid max.
    Season tickets should be capped at 320 quid.

    1. agu, that is probably the most realistic/believable thing you have said dude, sorry!

      Usually, you make comments about how we are going to come back to win (Vs City for example)!

      What you said above is completely correct though. It’s the one thing that the squad have failed to fix since even before Wenger left. Which, is actually why he left. Wenger’s tactics and style went stale. The brand of “attacking” football has gone and the identity has faded so much, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you were watching Sunday football at times!

      Now, in regards to whether Arteta will make a difference? I doubt it. The squad does need breaking up and rebuilding and I’m not so sure Arteta has the resources to fix it. Especially if the club are not willing to undertake the massive rebuild that is needed. And that costs lots of money, doesn’t it Mr Kronke!!!

  2. Give Arteta a chance mybe he might turn around things here,but my worry is that will the players be able to fight for him and will they respect him?

  3. I question what the players fight for? Not for Freddie as we have seen, not for the pride of the badge either. It looks like they only care about their wages, will only fight if someone fines them and their massive wages.

    I take great pride in watching Martinelli play and watching him give everything when he does. Sad to say he shows more pride playing for our club than the senior players or even some academy graduates. Concerns me that a young transfer seems to care more than academy graduates like AMN.

    1. I am with you 100% Durand. That lad Martinelli is a breath of fresh air and I believe young Tierney is similar a pity he’s injured. They along with Leno and possibly Pepe are the future of the club. None of them came out of our Academy which is of some concern.

  4. This is the first and last time I will listen to the rambling LeeGunner.He is correct to suggest we should get rid of a number of overpaid sub standard players but,and it is a big but,he fails to tell us how we can sell them?.How can we realize “assets” nobody else wants?Mustafi, Sokratis,Luis,etc ,who on earth would want to buy them?

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