Video: Leno stupidly gets himself a red card as Wolves gain further advantage

Wolves are now taking on just nine man thanks to Bernd Leno’s decision to join David Luiz in the stands.

The German goalkeeper stupidly jumps for the loose ball, and uses his hand well outside the box to clear the ball from danger, and rightly gets a red card.

I can already imagine how badly Mikel Arteta is set to react upon seeing the Arsenal videos footage, with David Luiz not only getting red carded for his silliness, but gifting a penalty away too.

Can the nine-men of Arsenal muster up anything here?


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  1. Leno was silly, but the David Luiz sending off was cheating by VAR official John Moss in my opinion. It was clearly not a sending off.

    1. Is a foul on the last man stopping a clear goal scoring opportunity not a red anymore? Whats the double jeopardy rule?

      Genuine question…

      1. Supposedly if you make a foul as the last man but are *genuinely attempting to make a tackle*, you can’t be sent off and give a penalty as it’s being punished twice. Here they’re saying that because Luiz didn’t attempt a tackle, it is a red card, even though it was almost certainly accidental (and the absolute bare minimum of contact).
        Surely the spirit of the law is to prevent people *intentionally* fouling as the last man (if you knew you wouldn’t get sent off, why not just give away the penalty if you thought the striker would score anyway), but this appears to have been lost on the referee (and many others).
        Completely ridiculous – we got screwed by this many times in the past where an attempted tackle was mis-timed and so lost a man and a penalty. This rule was supposed to fix that, but we still end up getting screwed. It’s like a twisting of the rules.

    2. Both players utterly stupid. Luiz has form but Leno no excuse. Honestly I never trusted either player & cannot understand why we sold Martinez to Villa.

    3. The Luiz penalty and red card were absurdly unfair. The contact was clearly accidental. If anything it was the Wolves player who clipped Luiz and then, feeling the contact, went down. Is accidental contact now deemed sufficient reason for a penalty to be given. If that were the case there would be a penalty every time there was a collision in the penalty area. As to the sending off, it has been explained that if Luiz had attempted a tackle it would have been a yellow card, but as he made no attempt to tackle it must be a red card. So apparently a reckless tackle from behind warrants a yellow card but accidental contact a red card. That makes no sense at all. I cannot believe it is a correct interpretation of the laws of the game. In my opinion Luiz was beaten for pace but he didn’t foul his opponent. He refrained from making a stupid tackle , yet he and his team were punished.

      1. I do believe you can accidentally foul someone and give away a penalty – it’s just one of the many ways you can be unlucky and I don’t see a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is the massively excessive punishment for being unlucky in this case.

    1. Luiz was incredibly unfortunate, Leno completely lost his head there. Misjudged the ball and reacted terribly.

  2. I’ve watched it six times. It was not a penalty. Watch it over and over. Because the man falls over it dies not nean it’s a penalty…watch.

  3. I can’t blame both David and Leno cause for its pretty clear it was a mistake to send him off and for Leno come on if you’ve ever played this game then you know that on a wet surface its very hard to play a floating ball

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