Video: Man City make it four with a fourth different goalscorer

Rodri has scored Manchester City’s fourth goal of the game to leave Arsenal 4-0 down, with a man less on the field.

The Gunners now have a goal difference of -8 after their opening three matches, with another 35 minutes left to play here, and I’m now contemplating whether I want to see more City goals, to surely force the owners to make a decision on the management.

Eyes will surely have to turn to Mikel Arteta for failing to shore things up in defence, and for leading us to what has to be our worst ever start to a league campaign since the club was created.

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  1. its doesn’t even make sense to criticize this rubbish. let’s just move on from this failed experiment with arteta.

  2. I was for Arteta. Am sorry he needs to resign. This is just plain unacceptable. He should leave with this result

  3. What is the purpose of having 5 players at the back?

    Sterling and Marez are trying so hard to get on the scoring sheet.

    Am sure they won’t disappoint.

    5 players at the back, 5 goals conceded.

    This is incredible.

  4. When will some people see that Arteta is NOT up to the job. He is systematically sinking this club!!!!!!!

  5. Arteta should not even have been given that responsibility he is a total failure.whats wrong with arsenal

  6. Pls we need to trust Arteta and his plans for the future of disaster..Those fans of Arteta and the so called trust the system,Hope the system is working out fine for you guys..yeah.. keep supporting the system ok and be remembered for being the set of fans that destroyed our legacy ok..#In Arteta we trust

  7. What was the reason for fielding our strongest 11 against basically an under 21 side, knowing we had MC 3 days later 🤔
    This ones for all of you who felt the team needed a confidence boost…

  8. If Arteta is not gone by tomorrow morning, Then the Kronke’s have hidden agenda against this team. How on earth can the proud owners entertain this mediocrity?

  9. The coach approach to this game is bad, if Arteta is not sacked, the club may not make top ten this season,

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