Video: Martinelli doubles our lead just before the break

Gabriel Martinelli has fired Arsenal into a 2-0 lead just before the break against Everton.

The Gunners actually had the ball in the net in quick succession, with Saka’s opener shortly followed by Martinelli.

This result will leave us five points clear if nothing surprising happens in the new half, with us fully deserving of the scoreline so far.


  1. Just to say “hello and goodnight” as it is now 10.35pm in Britain and not a single post has appeared on ANY of poor Paricks four video pieces. I DONT WANT HIM TO FEEL UNLOVED AND LONELY, as he truly does try so very hard.

    1. Oh Jon. The videos are for those fans that can’t watch the game. While comments continue on the game post.
      You really are desperate to criticise every post aren’t you?

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