Video: Martinelli has crucial goal scrubbed off by extended VAR decision

VAR took their time to decide that Gabriel Martinelli came back from an offside decision after he appeared to have equalised for Arsenal before the break.

The Gunners remain 1-0 down after the decision, thanks to Lee Trossard’s clinical strike 15 minutes before half-time, and there was a huge roar in the stadium as we celebrated our equaliser, only to have to wait for VAR to finally decide that it wouldn’t be allowed.

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The manager will now have to pick his side up after the late disappointment, but hopefully the fire that his side felt when scoring that disallowed goal will see them come out in the second-half and get us right back in the game.


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  1. that VAR decision was 100% unclear, there was no flag and it looks like they just guessed and gave it to Brighton.
    surely, that like before VAR came in, it would go with the attacking team if it was unclear if it was or wasnt like that, no?

    1. Val, youre right. I’ve watched it a few times and no way could the people at Stockley correctly say it was offside, therefore accordingly the goal should have stood.

  2. Well…
    The annual Arsenal collapse had to come at some point.
    Its the false hope that they could actually achieve something this season that makes it so disappointing.
    Just petering out into another nothing Arsenal performance in another nothing Arsenal season..

  3. RIGHT DECISION. another shocking performance. This is the real Artetaball. Sideways, slow, ineffective.
    Another wasted season. WQe will NOT get into Europe never mind CL

  4. The problem lies wth 2 central back thy r slowing the pace walking n standing wth the ball….

    1. Lokonga isn’t mature enough to receive the ball from the defenders and drive forward, they gabi and white had to do the driving in order not to turn over possession easily. You have to understand this.

  5. Ben white n Gabriel thy r killing our play by wasting most time on the ball ..hw on earth cn 2 backs slow the match while ur trailing

  6. This silly VAR is just good for nothing is the most unprofessional stupid gaget to be believed,,

  7. VAR is killing us game by game in England, I really don’t know what Arsenal has done to the English F.A!!😭

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