Video – Martinelli puts Arenal one up against Man City

It may have been a deflected shot but they all count and Gabriel Martinelli has put Arsenal one up against Manchester City in the 86th minute.

The lads need to hold on now, we saw what they did against Tottenham last week, they cannot repeat that today, there are just a few minutes left plus injury time, this win is now within their grasp.

Watch one of the videos below, you will certainly enjoy it, I sure did.

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  1. The game was changed with introduction of Martinelli, the gaffer went for the jugular with Partey and company coming on, you could tell Pep smells it.

  2. Wow, Aren’t we all happy? Seriously I would give the boys some kind of bonus for beating ManCity. Pls don’t tell me it’s too early coz 3 points from City are worth 9 from Luton, Forest & Tottenham😆.
    We’ve got to learn though, that Partey has to play when he’s fit. Havertz does better from the bench. Rice has zero pace, Raya is good when he quits acting like it’s a circus. We shouldn’t ever, think of playing Jorginho ahead of Partey. One is immersed in trying to look good, while the other is focused on helping the team win.

  3. Arsenal won the match, can you just quit the criticism for a moment? I would hate to believe complaint is Arsenal fans DNA

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