Video: Martinelli shows striker’s instinct to put Brazil U23 ahead on route to victory

Arsenal forward Gabriel Martinelli scored the goal to put Brazil Under-23 ahead for the first time in last night’s victory over the United Arab Emirates.

The Samba side had trailed twice during the match, only for Martinelli’a side to level twice before eventually scoring three times in the final 10 minutes to win 5-2.

It was the Arsenal star who showed his attacking instincts to be in the right spot to finish a fine move, and it could well be interesting to see if Martinelli plays predominantly through the middle at the Olympics.

This was their last friendly match ahead of the upcoming Olympic games, with Brazil U23 taking on Germany U23 next Thursday to kick-off their campaign as they Martinelli’s star-studded side look to retain their trophy of five years ago.

Could this tournament be the makings of Martinelli the striker?


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  1. Martinelli is not ready according to Arteta. 10 goals 4 assists under Emery, shows more heart and determination (and defending) than Willian, not to mention more productive.

    But he’s not ready according to Arteta who somehow and oddly enough considers himself to be “ready.”

    1. Don’t prejudge Durand. “Not ready” was last season’s quote. Nobody knows yet what he will say in a few weeks…

      ps don’t you dare come back to me with “I told you so” in a month! (;-))

  2. Arteta doesn’t fancy martinelli. Even if he scores 20 goals at the Olympics, he will still not be ready for the apprentice.

    Before any player can fit into our ‘style of play’, he must command huge salary and product no results.

    1. Like Saka and ESR MrC?
      Plus he was an Arteta purchase, so you can’t use the “hates anyone he hasn’t bought” reason either.
      IMO after his injury he was poor last season. Every time he played he had great energy and enthusiasm but some poor technique and he was just trying too hard. I actually agreed with him not being picked for a while.
      That may be unpopular to say because we all love the kid and know he has a huge future, but maybe that’s why nobody will admit he wasn’t so good over that period.
      I’m confident he’s back to his season 1 best based on that 11 minute cameo, and think he will be eased into the side when he returns, possibly to become undroppable thereafter.

  3. So to the martinelli Fan Boyz, he deserves to start ahead of Auba, Laca, he should be our main guy? Come on, he’s no Messi and both Auba and Laca are faaar ahead of him, he was not even selected for the Brazilian team until someone dropped out. If you were a manager looking for results desperately, would you put out our under 23 squad out there and sell all the established players?, The kid is good but is still very raw, and must be bed in gradually. Some of you here are too emotional, some are Saliba boys, who thinks he’s the best defender that is yet to taste EPL action. One thing I know for sure is that as far as football manager is concerned, Arteta is better and more knowledgeable than anyone of us on this platform. If you think you can do better, go and submit your resume to become our new manager so you can win the championship league with our academy players

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