Video: Martinez saves Auba’s penalty but powerless to deny the rebound

Arsenal have made it 2-0 with the final kick of the first-half, with VAR awarding a penalty kick after the whistle had been blown.

Aston Villa will be furious for a number of reasons. Not only have they witnessed their side play unimaginative and lacklustre football, but they’ve now seen themselves fall 2-0 down after the initial half-time whistle had been blown.

Alexandre Lacazette managed to get in front of the defender Matt Targett who had already motioned to clear the ball, and the VAR clearly showed that he kicked through the striker to get to the ball.

Aubameyang then saw his initial spot-kick saved by Emi Martinez who dived to his right, but the Gabon international was ready to mop up the rebound.

2-0 at half-time seems the least we deserve after the display we have put on, with us not only looking dangerous in attack but in denying our rivals a single shot in the process.


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  1. I actually came across a post that states that Aubameyang rebound that led to his goal shouldn’t have happened as it is against the rule governing penalties. Pls, hw true is this??? I really would love to know.

    1. Does that rule only apply to Arsenal??
      Please give us a break.
      It’s rare for us to get anything from VAR, do let’s enjoy this rare gift from the soccer gods.

    2. No the goal was perfectly legit as the referee hadn’t actually blown the half time whistle, had he though and Auba missed the pen the rebound would not stand as the half would have ended before the penalty was awarded.

        1. As per IFAB law 14.1: “Additional time is allowed for a penalty kick to be taken and completed at the end of each half of the match or extra time.

          “When additional time is allowed, the penalty kick is completed when, after the kick has been taken, the ball stops moving, goes out of play, is played by any player (including the kicker) other than the defending goalkeeper, or the referee stops play for an offence by the kicker or the kicker’s team.”

          In other words….the moment Auba touched the ball again the whistle should have gone discounting the goal.

          1. Once the penalty was given(before the official half time was blown) the time it took to set up and take the penalty would have meant the half is now done by the time the kick is taken.

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