Video: Mikel Arteta claims Arsenal has been ‘more normal’ since January

Arsenal have the second-best form in the Premier League since Christmas, and the manager Mikel Arteta insists that he has snubbed out the issues which resulted in the club’s bad form from before January.

The interesting part is where the manager kisses his teeth in response to seeing those issues again, almost as if he believes some sort of combination of Mesut Ozil, Shkodran Mustafi or Sead Kolasinac could have been the problem, while describing the time after Christmas as ‘more normal’ was also telling.

Am I alone in thinking the manager is hinting some of those players were affecting the team’s performance?


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  1. This team is clearly having a good platform to go forward….Very good senior players(Auba,Partey….)and a very good core of young players (Saka ESR Martenelli Willock Tierny…).With some shrewd addition we should be starting to click…Keown identified the key areas to be adjusted in defence and central midfield….

  2. The nest of ageing, over paid, reluctant to change vipers had to be removed from the squad before any progress was possible. An underrated achievement in itself for a new manager.

    1. Ukesox, at least he was supported by the Board to do it, is one positive. Unfortunately they were allowed to destroy the Arsenal career of one head coach before action was taken.

  3. Arteta is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. He believes his failure is a success. Needs to leave soon, before he believes we are the best team in the world.

  4. just another moronic statement by a desperate manager who’s constantly pointing his fingers at anything and everything to explain away this wasted season…as far as I know none of the players pictured above made the decision to scrap the rebuild and pursue Willian after getting a sniff at success following the FA…you would think that someone who obviously spends a considerable amount of time looking in a mirror would be a tad more self-reflective

  5. I was very surprised to hear the statistic that since end of December on points alone we would be second. It seems hard to believe considering our inconsistent and sometimes washed out performances.
    But being fair that is very positive statistic. When I come on here I nearly always agree with Sean and Real Vierra but despite some doubts about Arteta having a great season next season I give him credit. Since he came I think he has been one of, maybe the most honest, transparent and self critical managers in interviewing. He hasn’t made excuses, except for one or two over ridiculous var decisions, and he’s not milking the statistic given here about being 2nd on points alone since Xmas to say things are all well either. And at least he actually has proper high standards which so many rumours in years have suggested that AFC does not since around 2009.
    I think he deserves another half season minimum.

    And I think that statistic itself clearly does show a promising base but we need to straighten more out, consolidate and perform better, get it right in the Summer… there’s some strength there somewhere.

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