Video – Mikel Arteta discusses Mesut Ozil absence and David Luiz performance

It is never easy to give an interview after a 3-0 loss, especially when you have made a debatable team selection but Mikel Arteta did his best in his after game interview with Sky Sports.

That said, Arteta needs to be careful, he states that his opinion on Luiz has not changed and that is a worry. Sometimes a manager can have his future decided for him if he shows blind loyalty to a player that is simply not good enough.

Anyway, here is what Arteta had to say

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  1. Of course his future won’t be decided on tonight’s performance, it’s based on all the crap games he’s had for us. Arteta was being diplomatic after a very poor Arsenal performance as a whole and he said more before the game about Luiz which indicated Luiz is already history.

    1. Ya….. if only the red card would mean him missing the rest of the season.
      The club needs a serious overhaul. Sell whoever’s not willing to stay along with the deadwood, then we should know where we’re headed from there.
      P.S the Kroenkes should be sent packing too…… they’ve been way more harm than good to this club

    2. I saw the interview and Arteta looked shell shocked, disappointed and angry.

      It is very easy for us to be armchair managers but he and his staff prepared a team they hoped would be at least competitive. Many on JA have wanted Arteta to concentrate on the youth and mostly that is what he did and we started brightly. Losing two defensive players within 30 minutes didn’t help and Luiz was atrocious. We were lucky Leno did so well but i wasn’t expecting an Arsenal win against a much classier team. Silva, De Bruyne, Jesus, Laporte ….

      I can only hope that Edu, Arteta and the money men saw enough from that performance to go back to their boss and demand financial support for new players next season with the deadwood shipped out ASAP. There’s enough to begin a jolly good bonfire

      Ozil not picked at all for the squad speaks volumes.

      Arteta has his work cut out.

    1. Not only in “big games”, but neither in smaller games too. A complete wastrel and slacker who should have been chucked out years ago. How still ,even now, SOME GOONERS CHOOSE TO FOOL THEMSELVES ABOUT THIS IDLE SLACKER ASTONISHES ME!

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