Video – Mikel Arteta doing a Wenger when asked about Ceballos Nketiah bust up

Arsene Wenger became a legend at not seeing an incident unfold and it seems that Mikel Arteta has picked up a trick or two from his former manager.

Dani Ceballos and Eddie Nketiah had a little bust-up in the pre-game warm-up which has been widely broadcast including on BT Sport, however, Arteta is claiming that he did not see anything because he was in the dressing room.

Of course he saw it but his response tells me that it is not something that he is bothered about or that he is going to get dragged into, it really was much ado about nothing.

For those of you that may have not yet seen the handbags at dawn clash, you can watch it here.

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  1. its no big deal, we want our players to have some fight in them.
    besides its was just handbags, I remember Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer throwing punches at each other DURING a game, both were on the same team
    it was just as funny as the Di Canio push on the ref

  2. I remember that Arsene Wenger did not watch a certain first half match in a league cup match but he was the coach.

    1. Well it wasnt a penalty, teh rule got changed after the Sissoko handball in the UCL final
      If the ball hits your arm after a deflection from another part of your body its not handball.

      Michael Oliver is the worst ref in the league by a country mile, i’ve always disliked that clown!

      OT: was refreshing to see in the Palace v Southampton the ref over turned his own decision to send off Walker – peters.

  3. Martinez is gone…. He could be announced this evening by Aston Villa.
    Already said days ago that he will be having his medicals today.

    Next we’ll be moving Torreira.
    While taking the Aouar deal to the next level.
    As long as City don’t butt in.
    Aouar will be ours, before finally activating Party’s clause.
    I love what’s cookingπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  4. It’s no biggie
    Just one of those things between mates

    Eddie will soon become our very own Fabrizio Romani
    Nice one

    Pls give us update when the partey deal is over the line

  5. Lauren and Vieira had a face off on the coach on the way back from a match. A match we won too..

    Fight. Good to see.

  6. Another non story bigged up in order to pen an article. Why, goodness only knows, as this sort of thing happens regularly at all clubs. Next thread please!

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