Video – Mikel Arteta explains his thinking behind the mid season break in Dubai

Arsenal is training in Dubai while some other clubs have sent their players on holiday.

There has been a lot of debate and speculation why Arsenal have taken a break in Dubai, well, we now know why because Mikel Arteta has revealed why.

It turns out that the players have been given personal time off and I have to say that I agree with everything Arteta has said in this video. It is very reasonable and sensible.

I will not put any more spoilers in and leave it to you to enjoy the video and listen to what the boss says for yourselves.

This video comes courtesy of the official Arsenal Youtube channel.

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  1. Mogunna says:

    Whoa, these guys are so comfortable and relaxed,
    trainer enjoying so much, thrilled like, great brand promotion too. Like a commercial! Nobody sweating in that weather, they in vacation, relax!

    They should all be ashamed of themselves instead of saying hello and feel so great in vacation mood and mode!

    We are equal points with 13th spot, 1 point away from 14th….7 points away from 19th spot!!!

    If I got it right, we play in a week sunday 16th, then Europa on 20th, Everton o. 23rd. 3 games in 7 days!

    We will most likely play our “First Team” for these 3 games, all important. Rested Everton will be a tuff game, they are finding their rythm in scoring! They are not good to play at all, they can actually win this and chase clearly Europe in race.

    Everton will be well rested, we will be on that third important game 3 days after Europa!

    Newcastle is a team in survival mode for a minute now, they are hungry beasts like, scoring 2 goals in overtime in 3 minutes like. Steeve Bruce has them running like lunitics, all over attacking like warriors. That desperate / survival mode!

    Looking at results under Arteta; we should start worrying, be honest and realistic!

    Arteta is a great assistant coach, involved in training, close to players he was not so long ago.

    Then head coach gets players in great spirits, ready for him to pick formation and tac tic for players.

    This is precisely where he has no experience, he never even been in charge of U23, to get that experience, make mistakes, so he can learn as he did as assistant coach. Zidane was Ancelotti assistant and coaching U23 at Rea! before to take first team!

    Arteta so far is showing signs of lack of experience and capacity in taking decisions such as who to play, which allows to know how we p!ay,the tac tic.

    As long as he will have 6 players defending (back4+2DM), 4 attacking, our game will lean as it does; defending with no transition in middle to Ozil and strickers! We all end up defending as our team formation has us lean to.

    We must play with 1 DM as done for last cup game’s first half we won then. Once he moved Xhaka as second DM with Gendouzi, Saka as LB; it ruined all, gets injured too!

    To not analyse that game’s 2 halves dragstic change, start next game where we poorly left it, to draw again instead to lose as supposed to; can’t have me trust Arteta but of course can see the positive and his talent; as an assistant coach though; not yet a coach.

    You can’t come and experiment in such a club, but be ready!

    It is not his fault at all, he does his very best as Emery did; Krenke hired him to save money and have us in stadium, believe as Luiz!!!

    1. AlwaysAGunner says:

      Imagine having a job, where people who don’t have near the experience you do, act like they know more than you do and judge all your moves.

      1. Invader Zim says:

        Great response to a typical couch coach with no experience other than playing fifa.

  2. SueP says:

    Didn’t you suggest that the team should have been training in Siberia rather than Dubai previously ?

    Arteta and his assistant spoke sensibly about the purpose of the trip and to counter Mogunna I’d be ecstatic that the players looked relaxed and happy whist training. Happy team spirit should bring the benefits

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