Video: Mikel Arteta insists his team played ‘exactly’ as he asked

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has insisted that his team played exactly as he asked them to in the 2-0 defeat to Spurs.

The Spanish boss insists that his team performed as they should have, adding that the stats from the match were all in our favour, but we failed to put the ball in the net.

Tottenham of course were clinical as they have been all season, with both Kane and Son adding to their amazing goal tallies of the current campaign, which proved to settle the result against us.

Overlooking the result, was the performance an improvement over our recent struggles?


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  1. If he told them to play like that, then it means he’s the one to blame. Let’s just bring someone with different ideas before the club gets relegated

  2. I only watch the extended highlights and there is none proper chance from arsenal aside a headshot from auba (and thats Is not the way to get the best out of auba).
    I’m very worry about the final analysis from arteta. We need quality chances…looks like he learn more from last Wenger than from Pep…same old arsenal

  3. If that how he wa.wants us to play, this club is going nowhere but down. We aren’t scoring and dont look like scoring because of the way we play. The truth is it is non productive football and easy to read.

  4. Plan A is drive down the wings, cross ball 172 times.
    Plan B is “try harder.”
    We look in serious trouble, and still have no solution to scoring woes. It seems every attack is coming from the wings, and little to no effort to drive centrally and score.
    Not a single attacker we have is firing right now; more likely a problem with the players or what the coach is asking them to do?

    1. It really concerns me if this is what he asks of his players. You cant play with 4 wingers and try to put the ball in the box as much as possible and just hope someone runs against it. This is not a proper tactic. Especially if you look at how many goals our current strikers scored from crosses. Im starting to get really concerned by MAs tactics..

      1. Mr. Lucky
        That is exactly the way he wants them to play, he said as much in his interview. Virtually every attack from the wings, and crosses into the box.
        Arteta seems perplexed as to why this doesn’t result in goals and victories.
        We don’t seem to have a Plan B, and Arteta seems clueless as to how to get ANY of our attackers firing.

  5. No creativity! No cutting edge! Just possession! Is it possession that wins games?. I still maintain Arsenal lacks quality and the Manager is still learning, so what should we expect?

  6. Oh well @jonfox, you and I did try.

    “At some stage you have to make a decision’: Mikel Arteta urges Arsenal to take a gamble and invest to help the club return to Champions League… as he insists Gunners will still attract top players despite being out of Europe (CL).

  7. Arteta is a protege of Guardiola. Its endless passing which slows down the attack. Spurs are like a cobra poised to strike suddenly with venom and speed.
    I have seen both Kane and Son neutralised. Arteta has to make Arsenal cope with defence in depth.
    If there are more losses, he could be axed

  8. The team has invested a lot of money. Arteta acquired Partey, Suares, Mari, Gabriel, and Willian. On top of that, Nketiah, Seliba, and Elneny were bought from loan spells. He also signed Ceballos on loan. At the end, all excuses will varnish. The guy is failing Big Time!

  9. what makes me laugh about what MA wants with all these crosses is that our strikers cant head the ball for love nor money, literally!

    Laca is about 5ft tall and Auba has about 10 goals scored from headers in his entire career!

    It’s not like we have Giroud anymore, im losing patients with these drab tactics and poor decisions.

    I was all for MA, as many will know but I have to admit that I was wrong, we will be extremely lucky to make the top 10 if we carry on like this

    1. Val.

      Great point.

      Sticking my neck out here.

      Considering we’ve resorted to piling in crosses to exactly no one, I guarantee Ollie would have been our top scorer this season to date.

      Also, he would have been a darn site more effective at bringing others into play up top.

      But yes, that ship has sadly sailed.

      I await the abuse.

      1. @A J

        Giroud was severely underrated by many Arsenal fans.

        I’m not saying we should bring him back or anything because, as you say that ship has sailed and he is aging.

        All i’m saying is play to the strengths of your players, theres no point in putting in 1 million crosses if no one is there to nod them in.

        Back in Wenger’s ”glory” days we never crossed the ball, it was all bye line and cut backs or through the middle to create because of the players we had, none were renowned for heading ability.

        MA doesnt play to players strengths and is all set up to defend with 3 at the back, DC is a CAM but plays as 1 of a holding 2, saka as a wing back when we have KT, who is played alot at LCB.

        then we put in 1000 crosses and no one can head the ball in, is it just me seeing this or what?

        We would have more joy playing Luiz as a striker if thats the way he wants us to play ffs

  10. Yeah… played “exactly” as Mr Arteta asked… play to lose again and again….

    come on… the statistic showed clearly… lack of creativity!!! period!!

    The team have enough and complete tools to provide tonnes of analytic data… it simply showed… LACK OF CREATIVITY…

    When everyone is focusing on problem… it will not solve the problem itself… LOOK FOR SOLUTIONS… ALTERNATIVE…

    You have Mesut… but you push him aside… WHY? the management put POLITICS ahead of SOLUTIONS… Look at the Auba and our attackers when Mesut is still in.. our attackers know when to run… when to hold because they had believe in their CREATIVE MIDFIELDER…. now who is our creative midfielder????? We have midfielder but they have different functions….

    there is definite different between Creative Midfielder and midfielder… you need i.e Bergkamp, Pires, Cesc (Creative midfielder) types… and you need Gilberto, Petit, Parlour (midfielders) types….

    NOW YOU HAVE only midfielders… who can execute passing… supposedly control… but NONE any creative enough to give confident and boost to our attacker to make the run… As a result.. you get… midfielder passing to Wing back.. running… passing back… running again… and then cross…

    Disgust!!!… YES the team played “exactly” as you want… I have summarize it.. for you… Play to lose!!

  11. You make a very valid point Val but Man City have been very successful with two below average size strikers in Aguero and Jeseus not forgetting Sterling .At the end of the day it’s all about quality and confidence and sadly our recognised front three is lacking in both these ingredients at present.

    1. they dont and have not resorted to just pumping the ball in the box, they play through teams though Grandad

  12. Arteta have shown to us that, he cannot guid the club to success. I cant imagine he said the team playing as he instructed. Which means arsenal b expecting religation battle .i cannot be here getting stucked underwhealm

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