Video: Mikel Arteta is quizzed on the new UEFA Conference League

Arsenal could potentially find themselves playing in the newly created UEFA Conference league next season, and the manager is refusing to downplay the tournament.

Some fans have talked about the competition as one they wouldn’t wish to play in, fans of clubs who are regulars in the Champions League of course, but Mikel Arteta is refusing to downplay the tournament.

Football fans are quick to judge, but one way or another, Arsenal SHOULD be playing in Europe, although I’m not sure top clubs will give it the respect it deserves, it would be great for Arsenal’s youngsters to pick up minutes like the Europa League group stages were this season.


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  1. Bergkamp on Ek: “Daniel has been an #Arsenal fan all his life. He also appeared to be worried about the downturn at the club for some time. When the Super League dominated the news for days, Daniel just about exploded”
    hope a new bid is made daniel ek + middle east consortium are interested

  2. The most disruptive of all the European competitions with little payoff. The only benefit I can see is if Arteta gives the game time to players like Balogun, Azeez, Lopez at LB, or any of our young CB’s on loan not named Saliba.

    Otherwise it’s just excessive mileage and injury risk to Saka, ESR, Tierney, Auba, Partey, etc….

    I actually think it would be better to miss out on Europe all together, so Arteta and the players can focus on the PL and FA Cup. Otherwise it is too many irons in the fire, and Arteta has not shown he can manage multiple competitions successfully.

    1. Bang on Durand…I spoke about my similar feelings in an earlier post, as I’m deeply concerned that our increasingly fragile and scared manager would likely not have the fortitude to make difficult and “right” decisions regarding selection if our form dipped League-wise or from a FA Cup perspective

      already I’ve seen quotes where Arteta has spoken of the dire importance of us securing European football, regardless of what level, which either means he’s not be given assurances regarding his own future employment or that the availability of funds for future recruitment is directly tied to this sort of questionable achievement

      frankly, I really fear what a even more desperate Arteta might do in the upcoming window, especially knowing that the rumours are already swirling about the potential selling off of some of our better performing loan players like Mavro, Willock and even Saliba…we simply can’t afford to drop the ball again when it comes to the always crucial asset management decisions…if this is allowed to happen and Arteta fails to survive the season, it will make it exponentially more difficult for any future manager to maneuver themselves out of whatever mess he leaves in his wake

  3. I feel it is unfair for any of us to ridicule a young inexperienced manager like Arteta. It is expected that he might make some panicky decisions due to his inexperience but that will change with time.
    Obviously we shall have to sell some players to raise money for new players whom we need more. We have a surplus of central defenders so some will have to move on. The only issue should be that we retain the best.
    I am not unduly concerned with being in a European competition at any cost. If we can’t be in Europe so be it after all we rejected the super league because we knew it would kill the spirit of football. Our greater interest should be in building a team that will compete at the top level for a long time. Thus we need to give Arteta all the moral support he needs. Already there are signs that he is beginning to fit into the role as evidenced by four PL wins in a row. The future of our team looks bright. We only need to add a few quality players and the team will be good to go.

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