Video: Mikel Arteta is quizzed on whether he has removed Arsenal’s mole

Mikel Arteta previously claimed that he would find out who was leaking information from inside Arsenal Football Club, and he hints that he has done just that.

In 2020, the club asked players to take a pay-cut following the mass loss of earnings during lockdown in March, the results of which were told to the press, before numerous snippets of information also suspectly found a way to be public knowledge, including bust-ups during training.

Arteta now seems to claim to have found the culprit, and the interviewer hints that one of Kolasinac, Ozil, Sokratis or Saliba could have that person.

Who do you think the mole was?


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  1. Justarsenal should run a poll out of the four to see who we think the mole is.

    I can’t imagine it’s Kolasinac, because he doesn’t seem the type. I also cannot imagine it’s Sokratis, but then again he, like Ozil, was bombed out of the squad.

    Saliba has had so much going on, and possibly not fully matured, so he is a strong candidate.

    The most obvious choice would be Ozil. He would have already known his Arsenal career was over a long time ago, and is happy stirring the pot via his socials.

    My choices are:

    1- Ozil
    2- Saliba
    3- Sokratis
    4- Kolasinac
    5- Gunnersaurus
    6- Kanye West

      1. Could be some genius PR by Ozil’s people to make Arsenal look bad. Kinda conspiratorial though ๐Ÿ˜

  2. There’s only two maybe three players who fit the description of the mole and only one who would have any real motivation. We can pretend we dont know I suppose…

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