Video: Mikel Arteta looks back on ‘rocking’ Emirates ahead of Spurs clash

Mikel Arteta was a part of a number of North London Derby matchups with Arsenal as a player, and he recalls our wonderful comeback at the Emirates against Tottenham Hotspurs.

The Gunners have a longstanding rivalry with Tottenham due to the close proximity of our football clubs and fanbases, and this is usually one of the most enjoyable matches of the calendar.

The build-up is always immense, and the chance to get one over Spurs is always welcomed.

Mikel Arteta knows that feeling all-too well as he recalls the Derby from his playing days.

Which Derby victory serves your memory the strongest?


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  1. Hi Patrick,

    In fact it’s not a “Derby” victory that thrilled me the most. It’s the 4-4 draw at Highbury in 1964, when we took on basically the Tottenham double winning side plus Jimmy Greaves. We were 4-2 down at half time. Getting licked! Then 4-3 down late in the second half and then with the last corner/kick of the game Geoff Strong went up for a gasp corner and headed past Bill Brown to claim the draw,

    One of the best ever moments and matches I’ve seen our team play. We were in doldrums in those years. No silver for at least 10 years and no silver to come until another 6 years later! It was always Spurs, Spurs, Spurs with their supporters niggling me constantly. But that draw and that point for me so thrilling and wonderful I can feel the joy now – 57 years later.

    Thank you Geoff Strong. Thank you George Eastman (one my favourite Gonners ever) . Thank you Arsenal!


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