Video – Mikel Arteta reaction to 1-1 draw and Aubameyang sending off

Mikel Arteta acknowledges that Arsenal let it slip today.

That was a frustrating game for sure with lot’s of talking points and Mikel Arteta covered most of them.

The manager was speaking after watching his Arsenal side start the game brilliantly, take the lead, concede the equaliser and a red card for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

He gives a frank reaction to the Aubameyang sending off and an honest appraisal of what went wrong after such a promising start.

This video comes courtesy of BT Sport via their YouTube channel.

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  1. Cliff says:

    Arteta should change Pepe’s position. He has proven to be so ineffective on the right wing.His right foot is so week and opposing teams man mark him allowing him no space to dribble past defenders.
    He should be switched to the left where he can at least cross the ball or even shoot on his stronger foot like he did today. This is the only way he can be useful to the team.

  2. ArsenalWhy says:

    My goodness is anyone watching the Southampton game ? They’re playing their hearts out for 90mins straight against Leicester city. Why can’t our players run like that for the while game? So much aggression, so much passion from both teams.

    1. Sue says:

      Ings AGAIN!!! 🔥

  3. Purplexx says:

    Forget it, with the same referee from Chelsea officiating this game along with VAR (Virtual Arsenal Resistance) sometimes doesn’t matter how good you play when decisions are banging against you. Why does Arsenal allow to be officiated by the same referee that saw fit to give Lacazette a yellow for a complaint and completely ignoring the foul made by Jorghino out of personal spite, where was VAR to give a Jorghino a deserved second yellow. Today I saw Walcott receive the SAME EXACT pull that Salah got a penalty for, NOT REWARDED. It seems there’s schemes at play in the premier league that simply out playable. Big up to Liverpool for signing VAR early in the season to avoid handballs and get silly fouls.

    1. Sue says:

      👍👍 All the refs are awful… although Liverpool fans won’t agree with me!

  4. Lucia says:

    I’m finding it difficult to describe Pepe at the moment, who scouted this guy? Very average at best,loses the ball always and yea a very selfish player. What has Martinelli got to do to start a game, Everytime he touches the ball he ouses class. Guendozi doesn’t suit Arteta’s style. I’m a big fan of he but he doesn’t over much. But I will take him over willock who has gone backwards recently. Thank God nkethia is back atleast he is a better finisher compared to lacazette who I think needs a breather, he is costing us point because he is so out of form at the moment but what I can’t fault is his effort but it’s not enough he needs bench time. What has happened to AMN he looks a different player under Arteta motm if you ask me,zaha had a game to forget.Again ozil needs to work harder otherwise give ceballos the chance and see. Overall it was a fair result considering how the game turned out. Coyg

    1. hydrogen_afc says:

      Im short of words for pepe, 1 good performance – 3 bad performances, gets dropped to the bench again, he should be loaned out he’s shown us he’s not ready for the EPL, I doubt if he’ll be ever ready…
      Man was laughing and playing with Nelson after the final whistle.
      I was like WTF???

      1. Petit says:

        I thought I was the only one that noticed how he was laughing with Nelson at the end of the whistle.
        Players who should be devastated by this loss( yes, this draw is more like a loss) were laughing and smiling at the end of the match.
        Sums up the mentality at Arsenal.

  5. antonioro says:

    Why everybody is on Pepe’s back and ignore the useless Ozil?Ozil is the team’s soft spot,not Pepe.With Ozil in the team,we always play 10 against 11.

  6. Sean Williams says:

    The team are no more than average. Palace were here for the taking. Nothing wrong with Arteta, plenty wrong with Trumpians..the Kroenkes. So sad to see my Arsenal desperate for decent players. Without spending we cannot fill the gaps. Crap.

  7. jon fox says:

    The defending looks so much tighter now under MA. Huge improvement in AM-N and since Bellerin has never been able to defend properely, partly because he is physically frail and scrawny and cannot head, I hope and believe we wil keep A M-N in as RB. We still lack creative quality in defence and midfield and that is going to be an ongoing real weakness. Ozil ran out of steam today and was a disappointment. We should try Ceballos when fully fit instead and use Ozil only in home games against lesser teams. Ozil will never work tirelessly, as most are now doing, even though he has been far better under MA, taken overall since his start. We now see thew strak reality of our generl lack of quality in so many positions. It is great to see shape and teamwork but we also need far more quality.

    I agree with the above posts that see the lack of fight in PEPE and I think we badly need MARTINELLI in the team and playing most often. Pepe is talented but it is ALWAYS effectiveness that most matters, so judged on that criterion, PEPE IS NOT DOING WELL ENOUGH. MA will never tolerate coasters , so both Ozil and Pepe will have to increase workrate and effectivenes or lose their place, That is as it should always be with players who are not cutting the mustard regularly. I now dread to think where the team would be placed had Emery stayed. Relegation WAS a real possibility under him, though not now, and the board were well aware, hence the change. FAR TOO LATE BUT STILL BETTER THAN NEVER.

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