Video: Mikel Arteta refuses to defend Nicolas Pepe

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta was asked if he was sure that Nicolas Pepe would be a hit for the club, and he couldn’t give a straight answer.

The Gunners boss claimed that the Ivory Coast international missed two or three chances that he should have put away against Newcastle in the FA Cup, before avoiding the question on his future, although he does sound like he partly blames himself for his form.

Is Arteta blaming himself for not finding enough playing time to get Pepe into form? Should he have started the season ahead of Willian?


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  1. Pepe needs time and a good bit if coaching.

    Till this day I simply do not understand why we got willian. It just made a headache of having to rotate so many players.

    At this stage neither of them are good enough and my 1st choice is SAKA on the right and auba on the left until martinelli is fit.

    Willian should be sold at all costs and pepe needs to be coached on that right foot and coached in taking time in his finishing. I often see him rushing shots and think Henry would have took an extra touch there. Or use your right the expect the left.

    Bags of potential but needs help

    1. Didn’t Willian have Covid maybe he hasn’t ‘t recovered completely…
      I still think he’ll proof a lot of people wrong…..I do admit he is not playing well at the moment but for f -k sake give him a change in these strange times

  2. Didn’t mind signing Pepe but NEVER for £72m! The whole transfer seems shady.

    I think right value for Pepe should’ve been 30-45m but as of of now, we are lucky to get £20m for him..

    Maybe a loan to Ligue 1 would help him.. maybe PSG could be interested since Di Maria is probably leaving them next summer? Pepe is proven in Ligue 1.

  3. It’s doubtful that Willian will leave Arsenal any time within the next three years. For a start, who would want him and even if an offer were made he surely wouldn’t leave unless his huge salary was at least matched. Pepe came with a goal scoring reputation even though they were mostly from penalties and TBH we don’t get that many awarded so I can’t see his added value. Isn’t it about time we stopped making these shady signings, and wasn’t Tim Lewis brought in to sniff out the corruption?

  4. Willian has been a big flop so far,even when he plays on his favoured left side of the field he looks extremely lacking in confidence, and along with several others has been embarrassed by the form of Saka,ESR and Tierney who has been our best signing for years. I do think there is a good player inside Pepe somewhere but his ball control is always too rushed, it may be that he is trying too hard,his workrate on Saturday was fairly good but he tends to overrun the ball and needs to slow down at times.

  5. JAX Pepe was clearly over-valued and the club addressed that but I wouldn’t say it was a bad deal. I can recall everyone was happy when we got him.It just hasn’t worked out so far and that is the nature of football transfers that most of us fans of football don’t acknowledge. It’s always a gamble.Chelsea have good example of players who were doing well in other teams/leagues and at great cost but have largely been disappointing. The good news is that we already have good alternatives in Saka and Martinelli

  6. I would cut my losses on both Willian and Pepe.

    Ppl say Pepe needs to be coached and all that jazz but seriously, if you spend that much on a 24 year old player, there shouldnt be the need to coach him in that way, it should be more refining what he currently has, overrated and a one trick pony imo,
    should be sold in the summer imo, Nelson is more reliable than Pepe and never gets a sniff.

    I believe it was this deal that got Raul the boot as the club soon realised how bad he was

  7. This is a classic misrepresentation by JA once again…Arteta spoke at length regarding what he was willing to do in order to ensure Pepe’s future success at the club…I must admit I’m a little skeptical, especially considering his pursuit of Willian, who clearly had been promised a prominent starting role…I likewise wonder if this interview was conducted following the Marts injury, which would likely mean more opportunities for Pepe anyways…when is Arteta going to start emulating Pep more and the past his due date Wenger less

  8. More pereceptive ones among us will never listen ONLY to exactly what words are said bit also to what is not said. Also to facial expressions, very closely, body language too. Managers and coaches are not actors who are skilled at hiding of their real feelings.

    Therefore a close observer who knows about human nature will always glean far more from an interview, both watched and listened too, than someone who only listens to actual words and , sometimes, foolishly takes them as gospel truth.

    I have beensaying this on here for some time but few pick up on it. In consequence they keep making the same wrong conclusions about what managers/ coaches/ players, even agents, TRULY think. Please both watch ansd listen CLOSELY!

  9. Pepe, didn’t know him and didn’t really like him from inception.
    Overrated mediocrity! €72mil for what exactly? Our development players look far too good than him and William. Dead wood

    1. Pogba also looked that way and years later it costed Man give him time there is hints of brilliance Willian is dead wood

  10. pepe is too good but arteta as a coach out him on presure.he should be given liberty to try scoring every time he feels like because he can .wether in or out side the box.for william I really used to admire this guy while still in Chelsea but I just dont know what is really going on with this guy….

  11. Fans who still have hope for Pepe is the kind of mentality that is the issue at Arsenal. Fans who honestly feel Pepe tries is delusional and them accepting mediocrity at Arsenal.

    Plus we fail to accept clear failures from our own actions, we need to admit the likes of Pepe, Willian, Willock, Nelson and Nketiah are failures, and move them on quickly and not repeat the same mistakes we did with Mustafi, Sokratis, Alumnia etc.

    Hell even West Ham act like more of a big club than us, they didn’t waste time with what everyone knew about Haller being a failure and quickly moved on.

    We will continue to fight for scraps(mid table positions), if we keep fighting for these pieces of scrap(Players like, Pepe, Alumina, Mustafi, Xhaka, Willock, Nketiah, Nelson, Elneny, Coquelin, Gervinho, Bendtner, Denilson, Walcott etc)

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