Video – Mikel Arteta sends a message to football fans worldwide after beating Coronavirus

Mikel Arteta has given his first proper interview since beating Coronavirus and he has a message for football fans worldwide.

The Arsenal manager discusses what it was like being self-isolated, about the situation in Spain, what fans should be doing to help society and how he feels right now.

Arteta going down with the illness was what prompted the Premier League to consider shutting the league down, once Chelsea player Callum Hudson Odoi followed soon afterwards the decision was made to suspend football in England.

This is a quality interview via Arsenal digital on their Youtube Channel

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  1. After watching the video, a question rings in my head. How is it the rest of us we are spreading the disease to each other, but Mikel, his Misus and househelp didn’t infect the children???? What is it they did right that the rest of us are not?

    1. The statistics coming out from around the world suggest that this strain of the virus prejudices adults, leaving kids less susceptible. Only 2.3% of Chinese cases (as of a couple fo weeks ago) were under 19 years of age. It’s likely true that kids do get infected but (like the measles, for example) feel comparatively light symptoms, so these numbers miss many infections. Either way, this virus seems intent on solving the ageing crisis for us.

      1. And this is the reason that it seems man-made, after all the suggestions of decongestion in the past few years. I have stopped believing in transmission from bats and snakes theory.
        We need Jesus Christ now.

  2. Arteta is destined for a more political role in football, I believe. He spoke for about 30 seconds about his own condition and used as much time as possible to considerate with those suffering, support those on the front lines and emphasise ways we can mitigate the threat.

    I was always proud, under Wenger, to have one of football’s great intellectuals leading us. I feel equally proud of Arteta who, once he’s shed his wet-behind-the-ears stigma, will hopefully become a legend in the non-playing football world.

  3. City fan here. We were gutted to lose Mikel, but wish him the very best in his future career, and of course very glad that he’s now feeling better.

    You Arsenal fans are lucky to have one of the future great managers.

    I wish Mikel every success in the world, apart from when you play us of course 😉

  4. We have a manager of whom we can feel very proud, and not just for footballing reasons.

    Articulate, intelligent, caring whilst retaining an air of professionalism that makes the man what he is – a leader, winner and a bloody good human to boot.

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