Video: Mikel Arteta slams Arsenal performance against Olympiacos

Mikel Arteta has slammed Arsenal’s performance against Olympiacos despite his side making it into the hat for the next round of the Europa League.

We’ve since found out that Slavia Prague will be our next opponents, but the manager insists that more performances like in the second-leg against Olympiacos will see us fail to make the next round.

Luckily the Gunners had secured a solid 3-1 lead in Greece the week before, but it wasn’t pretty viewing back at the Emirates.



  1. Arteta is spot on in his assessment and I am pleased to hear him voice his displeasure.One of our poorest displays of the season and takes us back to the losses we suffered at the hands of Villa, Southampton and Wolves in January.Like me he probably thought we had moved on since then, but the performance yesterday was a big let down and a reminder that we have still a long way to go.Our inability to retain possession and the loss of yet another soft goal is unacceptable and I expect to see a number of changes for the match against the Hammers.

    1. Grandad
      You always express yourself in a calm way and it always makes me reflect on how I interpret your words whether I agree entirely or not

      In this case I fully agree with your post

  2. I just don’t see the progression under Arteta…we’ve seen this team enough now to know that what we witnessed yesterday is a all-too-familiar occurrence since his arrival, so his expressions of displeasure are little more than lip service to those within the fanbase who seems to be eating up his supposed transparency…actions speak louder than words, and so far he’s been focusing too much on the former and not near enough on the latter…where’s the in-game adjustments, where are the strategic subs, earlier in the game, and why can’t we seem to deviate from these frustratingly negative tactical formations…playing scared will never change the culture at this club…you must be at least willing to lose in order to get better…the path we’re currently forging is one born out of fear, where the senses have been dulled, the movement too contrived and the intention far too obvious…if we can’t take chances during what was supposed to be a rebuilding season, what is the likelihood that these will occur when the stakes get invariably higher next season

  3. Agree with some of your post rvl. The subs early in the game is crucial. you can see some players need to be taken off but they continue to be on the pitch offering nothing. I feel we have got better defensively and im confident in the defenders we have, Gab, mari, tierny and im nearly there with cedric. I just wish we forget about yesterdays players and focus on the ones coming through that belong to us. continuing to play Ceballos, bellerin, when we have better players is f-ing me off. Those 2 players I don’t expect to be wearing the arsenal shirt next season. xhaka has had some good games and some bad ones, same with Luiz. I also expect these players to leave or be given limited playing time next season because if they are part of our first 11 next year it will be the same type of season like the past 10. not being competitive for the big trophies but maybe a chance at the smaller competitions

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