Video: Mikel Arteta slams VAR – ‘Enough is enough’

Mikel Arteta has slammed those in control of VAR after yesterday’s two decisions both went against Arsenal, despite appearing identical.

The Gunners were initially denied a penalty for a supposed offside call in the build-up to the goal, but Richarlison appeared to be let off a near-identical decision at the other end of the field in the build-up to the Everton goal.

Arteta was furious with the latest in a long-run of decisions that appear to have gone against us.

Is VAR simply proving that it is inconsistent and needs further enhancing?


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  1. I am baffled as to how far back in the build up they went to give offside. I’m sure Dermot will tell us why.

    1. Pepe VAR was a joke as was Wilson’s against Liverpool earlier on. I pray they scrap it, because it’s killing the game.

  2. I’m under the impression that VAR is there to assist the ref in verification/none. I our previous game our player was moving away from the direction of arsenal play, but was called in for offside. Now, Pepe offside and this 12 – 15 seconds after the ball being played. Noe in modern soccer a goal could be scored in that time from a goal kick. How can you still call a hair or to nail length offside? Pls fans explain that to me, as in my country we still allow the Refree and his assistance to make the call. When our players celebrate after scoring, the joy is there. No damp squids. Pure jly6

  3. Blame VAR all you want, but VAR is not the reason why your team SUCKS and has lost what, 14 times already?

  4. As a lover of football in general, i think that VAR needs to be addressed.

    When you literally talk about millimetres between an offside and a goal is just stupid imho.

    The fun has gone from the game for me and its not just that i cant go to the ground yet, but players who score dont celebrate after until the VAR check is complete.

    it should be Clear and obvious error, they should have 5 seconds to find it, if not then carry on

    15 seconds on both counts is retarded

    1. Its the same argument but different to lts of things. People, pundits, managers, players and every dog in the country was calling for refereeing to be more accurate. Well you cant get much more accurate. That isnt the problem, its the laws and the law makers that are. We have more accuracy now we have more correct decisions now, someone needs to look at how it is all implemented and that probably needs a footballer influence in there.

    2. I agree Val, and the penalty was actually a new phase of play as Everton had possession, albeit very briefly.

      When they drew the line I couldn’t see how he was off, and not sure why they drawing the lines from the arms anyway as you can’t score with them. Also with calls that close, the very second the ball leaves the foot of the passer then becomes paramount in all of this, but they can’t definitively say when exactly it left the players boot. It’s all guess work.

      So VAR hasn’t come to a definitive answer, yet it overalls the goal? Letting the goal stand is way less contraversal.

  5. Put a slow-mo replay on the big screen in the stadium on loop and let the ref and lino call it from that. Job done.

  6. Football lived for over a century without VAR. Referees, like players, were human and made mistakes.
    However, since TV got its ugly claws into our game, and started showing slow motion replays, referees have been blasted for bad decisions. So in comes VAR to correct this. But VAR has taken the spontaneity out of the game, and we still have referees making the bad decisions (however, these refs are not accountable!). Another problem is the rules keep changing to accommodate VAR. Take the stupidity of the “Hand Ball rule”. If you are an attacker, and the ball accidentally hits an arm before going into the net, the goal is disallowed. If you are a defender and the ball accidentally hits your arm, it is not a penalty. We have reached the point where, if you don’t trim your nose hair before a match, they could possibly be deemed offside and cancel out a perfectly good goal.
    Our game has become a farce. Surely as fans we can force the Premier League to drop VAR completely. (If we want to get rid of VAR though, we must also stop TV replays of contentious issues too), and get back to where we started, realizing even the referees are human, and can make mistakes!!!!!

    1. I have been saying for ages now that if we get rid of VAR then everybody, players, managers, fans and pundits should stop criticising every referees decision, Sky should stop showing countless replays just to show that the referee has made the wrong decision. Just accept that sometimes the ref will make a mistake just like strikers will miss an open goal and keepers will make a mistake that leads to a goal.

  7. VAR to Arteta is like all referees to Wenger…stop worrying about how one might best excuse a bad result and figure out a way to produce more victories, like maybe practicing shooting in and around the box

  8. VAR is just a tool, that allows games to be controlled by outside influences. IMO.
    The same thing happens in cricket. The computer can be manipulated to give whatever outcome, the programmer wants it to have.
    Just as the match day officials can have biases. Or an agenda towards a certain outcome.
    I used to love our beautiful game. However, I have become more sceptical about it’s integrity. Since the introduction of Var. The same applies to cricket.
    Any result can be fixed with technology. That’s all I’m saying!
    Still love watching Arsenal, as painful as it’s been, for too long…

  9. I don’t know if anyone have noticed that most VAR decisions always goes against Arsenal, that match against Everton, when the ref point to the spot for pen and then come the var check I said they will rule it out, now comes the Everton goal var again I said it will stand. Tbh Arsenal might be performing below expectations but the officiating is killing the morales of our players too, since the VAR introduction I knew it will use as a tools to shape results and how they want the table to look, Arsenal has never been lucky with this var, other teams has been lucky with it I.e manu and Liverpool… var is killing the game period

    1. But the decisions were correct, Pepe was offside by 5 mm and the Everton player was onside by 5 mm. They werent wrong decisions. Luck is a totally different thing!

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