Video: Mikel Arteta takes responsibility for Arsenal not ‘playing as team’

Mikel Arteta has moved to take responsibility for his Arsenal team’s failures yesterday, shortly after slamming them in his post-match interview.

The Spaniard claimed that it was the first time since his arrival that he had seen his players ‘play as a team’ in their 3-0 defeat to Aston Villa.

The manager was then asked to elaborate on those comments in his post-match press conference, and you can see his response below.

Did Aston Villa simply ‘want it more than us’?


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  1. After his game plan failed, he cannot swtch to another gear. He ran out of ideas. He should go try his luck in League 1

  2. Where I would start worrying is if Arteta cannot see what we can see. We have some overated players. How Saliba does not get a chance shows Rogers vs Arteta. We got Saliba and Rogers bought his side kick and plays him. Leicester play with ‘le joie de vivre’, we play like a lot of over-managed robots. Arteta LET GO mate….too controlled. OCD!!! If Arteta stays full of this ‘control freak’ attitude to controlling the players he will be gone soon…..that’s a guarantee. I can see it, the supporters can see it, Arteta MUST see it!

  3. I often argued on here, that once a manager put out a team, it was/is the players responsibility to perform – so many times I was told that it was not the case, simply because it was the managers responsibility alone….utter and complete rubbish!!!

    This time last week, we were lapping up the performance of the same first eleven that dominated manure – to the extent that some claimed it was the best performance ever under MA – they all said he should select the same starting eleven, as he had found his best formation.

    So what changed?

    1. he opposition for one…the same opposition that put 7 past liverpool, not the one that had let in 6 against the spuds at home…some perspective needed methinks!!!
    2. The players reaction on the pitch – from the very first minute, we seemed disinterested, lacking cohesion, bereft of any ideas, outplayed and outfought…the very same players that MA entrusted to perform as they did the previous week and they simply let him down 100%.

    Now I think MA has got some serious thinking to do with the way he managing the players, his selections and his tactics, let alone how much pressure he is under, having taken on so much more responsibility – BUT – yesterday’s performance on the pitch was down to the players, pure and simple…don’t defend them Mikel because they were all at fault, every single one of them and they should be apologizing to the fans for this humiliating defeat.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Ken. Once again, after the Leicester defeat, I feel really let down by the players. When the line up came out, I thought that’s as good as it gets and should be good enough to get something… as did MA!! But no, 46 seconds in should’ve been a wake up call!!! It was a horrible performance, totally unexpected… after such a good game the week before, and I really did enjoy it… just goes to show, even after all this time, we never know which Arsenal will turn up!!
      One thing’s for sure, they really need to wake up over this next fortnight, as Leeds will be at us from the off and
      I really don’t want to see the ball in the back of our net after 46 seconds…. again!!! Sheesh!!!

  4. Spot on Ken.It’s difficult to believe that the same eleven who should have been on a high after their fine performance against Man Utd , could perform so poorly.The attack has been rightly criticised for their ineptitude, but it’s only fair to point out the woeful, schoolboy defending of Bellerin and Holding , who were culpable for two of the three goals.I thought they had both shown improvement this season but yesterday they showed a complete lack of defensive awareness and were punished by clinical finishing by Villa.As you say, the entire team should have the decency to apologise to their fans and their Manager.

    1. Also it should be pointed out, that it was Grealish who was putting so much pressure on Bellerin and Holding.
      What a player he is and I suggest that any player in the PL would not be looking forward to coming up against him.

      Amazing how Villa seem to have built their team around him and in such a short time under the present manager Dean Smith – another man without “the experience” it seems MA needs to succeed but actually is!!!

      Thank goodness players such as Grealish still have a place in the PL….thanks Sue and Grandad for your comments.

  5. There is plenty enough blame to go around; Players for being disinterested, fans for unrealistic expectations, and Arteta for tactics. Didn’t Arteta comment on what he noticed about the team 47 seconds into the game? Surprised Laca and Willian took the pitch to start the 2nd half.
    My frustrations lie in a few things; What is Arteta’s style of play? Improving us defensively came at the cost of killing our attack. Why the constant shift, like Tierney LCB on defense, then LB on offense, then back again. And lastly, not playing to team’s strengths but rather negative football to counter their tactics. That approach didn’t work for Emery after 1 1/2 years, and 4W 4L isn’t working for Arteta either.
    If there was a style of play and steady positional responsibilities, then switch out the under-performers, and the new player slots in. Compare that to constant formation tweaks, Willian as a 9? Tierney (great LB) flip-flopping between LCB and LB when we have Saliba who can play CB in a back 3. I mean Nketiah competing to lead the line, but Saliba not ready to be 1 of a back 3? Hard to believe.
    For me the frustration is no style of football under Arteta, the micro-managing every pass, movement, and run, and how it strangles any attack they try and put together. Constant counter-attacking football is not what this roster was built for, and is not getting the results, and is the most soul-shriveling, eye-gouging, excitement killing tactic I have ever seen.

  6. Sorry to disagree with those giving MA a pass and blaming the players. Certainly the same players performed better under MU but coaches prepare for games by watching your game. Our players did not perform because Villa’s coach did not allow them to. MA realized early on (as he admitted) that the game is slipping away, yet he did not lift a finger. Let’s all support MA and stand behind him because he deserves more time but let’s also be truthful with ourselves. it is his job the get the best out of his players. His admitting responsibility for the loss is a good first step but the next one matters the most.

  7. For all the complaints about Arteta even he couldn’t have predicted the collapse would start within a minute of kick off

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