Video: Mikel Arteta urges for patience as injury worries grow

Manager Mikel Arteta has urged for patience as we eagerly await further Arsenal injury news.

The pair are already confirmed as absentees for tomorrow’s Premier League clash with Leeds United, but we have been without the Scottish defender for a number of matches now.

The manager was initially asked if he had any updates on the confirmed team news, and while he said ‘no’, he did urge for patience as we witness a lot of players ‘breaking down’.

I hope he is talking in general about the Premier League amidst a heavy schedule, and not that we are to expect more injury absentees from the squad this weekend, but our growing injury issues are a worry.


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  1. Asking for patience on JA, with its mountain of juveniles, all born in the self entiteled age where so many kids EXPECT and DEMAND all they want and right now too! Some hope of that with this lot!!
    Mature fans who know about the world and who know about how life works, DO have patience. But most juveniles today are a different species to us older, wiser, fans.

  2. this would have been a reasonable request if he had shown the appropriate amount of patience coming into this season and didn’t read his own headlines so much…he better expect some backlash to this request, as he made his own bed

  3. Mature fans who know about the world ask AW to be sacked and yet preach JA fans to have patience with MA. What’s a joke? What’s a mature tale spinner? The constant shifting of yardstick is annoying! A whole season is enough to know how good is manager. In other ambitious clubs, a series of poor result from managers will be shown the exit door.

    1. In one respect I would agree because Arteta didn’t show the required patience immediately following last season, so he’s should be reaping what he sowed, but it’s difficult to compare this to the Wenger scenario as he was given more rope than any manager that ever existed

      1. But under Arsene Wenger, we were not in 11th place after 23 games played. The season Leicester city won the league, Arsenal came second. We are a joke now. Wenger was giving us top 4 finish every season. he only finish 5th and 6th twice. Now, wwe cant even make europa league places. This season is nothing but a disaster.

        1. Maybe you should look more closely at the circumstances that exist now as compared to during the bulk of Wenger’s tenure…the parity, in large part as a result of the overabundance of tv money, has changed the landscape drastically; not to mention, the influx of imported talent has raised the bar in many respects, especially now that most agree this is the best and most competitive League in the footballing world…Wenger was already feeling the negative affects of these changes in the years leading up to his departure…even during the period when some of the bigger clubs were in flux, leading up to Klopp and Pep’s arrivals, we couldn’t get it over the line when Leicester City won, even though we beat them quite handily on both occasions that season…furthermore, Arteta, who I’m still not convinced by, has had to finally deal with all the horrible moves made by Wenger and company in his final couple of years

          1. Thanks. I agree with you 100%. But honestly, i am getting fedup with the way we are playing. when i look at the table, it gives me pain. when do we have a team that will be just 4 points behind the leaders after playing 20 games? When do pundits see us as genuine title contenders? when do we have a team that will compete with Man City and Liverpool? I am not happy honestly. These players need to look themselves in the face and admit they have failed.

  4. Odd how Arteta asking for patience but gives little to some players. I’m sure Saliba would have liked patience before Arteta judged him after 2 pre season games.

    AMN would have liked patience as he tries to prove himself as CM. Just comparing how player’s future at Arsenal shown little patience by Arteta.

    But Arteta’s future at Arsenal, now he’s the one asking for patience, as we sit in 11th. Reminds me of the pot calling out the kettle.

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