Video – Mikel Arteta’s angry post-match reaction after Brighton defeat

This defeat to Brighton must go down as the worst performance from Arsenal at the Emirates this season, and it has practically scuppered our chances of making the Champions League next season.

The fact is that the team simply didn’t have the belief or confidence to beat a Brighton team in terrible form, so how are we going to beat Chelsea, Man United and Tottenham in the comng weeks?

It is no surprise that Mikel Arteta was extremely unhappy after the game, so here is his post-match conference in full…


  1. The first goal came about from Artetas decision to play a CM at left back while having 2 defenders on the bench ,it’s all good trying to be cute but when it does not work out you look like a fool .

  2. Well Mikel, stop your whinging. This is the best team you decided to go with. £50 million on White, sending out Mavro, Guendouzi, Torreira, Saliba, Bellerin. ALL whom are starting every week for their clubs. Paying our senior forward to leave with no replacement, left with 2 strikers both leaving this summer. Can’t make this up.

    If you cast out players, thats fine. But make damn sure you have squad big enough to compete and not a squad who is less than 20 senior men strong!!

    Oh and Tierney has been injury prone since Celtic. What a masterstroke to get a back up for him you can’t even trust a game to start!

  3. No surprise in our ‘collapse’ if you dont get swept along with the instant gratification hyoe. Arteta has been setting new records for defeats and lack of goals his whole tenure. We seldom beat anyone in the top half. Yesterday this complete rookie saw his mf seriously weakened by Partey absence and chose to make it worse by moving out Xhaka. We cant score but this amateur persists with Laccacette. Just like persisting with Willian. Look at remaining fixtures and identify where we can get 3 points! We must sack him. There is no improvement its all hype, stats prove it

    1. My fear is that we end up 5th and they call it progress.

      No European competition at all, out of FA cup immediately, playing once a week, 150 million spent and we cant make it to CL despite our opponents failing whole,season.

  4. Arteta does not criticise his players but said they “went cold”. But what does that mean and why could he not warm them up at halftime? It sounds like he is saying the players have got stage fright perhaps because of the weight of expecation. But also Arteta is not admitting he has injury problems and the replacements are rusty after months without serious minutes and look out of sorts. Showing weakness is not allowed and being wrong out of the question. Yet Conte broke, down said he could do no more and was ready to hand in his resignation and that worked the oracle and his team is surging. Not joking but I think Arteta should say “I will step down from Manager if we miss top 4. I reckon this would be enough to frighten his team into breaking this losing funk

    1. I think its time for manager to quit his job because he doesn’t fit that position.
      Otherwise we will continue to play out of european competition

  5. We are in a position where this is Artetas team 100%, he has had over two years, turned lots of players out and spent a record amount for an Arsenal manager on players coming in. He took over a team/squad capable of 5th and has tookus to two 8th and ?

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