Video: Molde take early lead with long-range effort

The Norwegian side have taken the lead inside the opening half-hour, with Arsenal’s Leno unable to stop Ellingsen’s strike.

Molde have started the match brightly, with the Gunners struggling to settle in possession as of yet, and they have used their advantage to get ahead.

It was Leno’s failure to compose himself with the ball, which he eventually opted to play long which punished him. You will see the German was looking to play the short ball, only to take too long and have his options cut-off, before his failed pass to Eddie Nketiah gets nodded onto the goalscorer.

I’m not sure Leno had much chance of stopping the well-placed effort, but he can definitely be questioned over his failure to keep composed and give away possession.

With plenty of time to play, I wouldn’t expect us to lose, but we will certainly need to improve quickly if we are to have a chance of winning from here.


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