Video – Mustafi scores brilliant own goal for Schalke

I think this sort of post was going to be inevitable one day after Shkodran Mustafi left Arsenal in January for a new life in the Bundesliga. But he is playing for Schalke, who are the whipping boys in Germany this season, and in fact lost this game against Wolfsburg 5-0.

Arsenal fans were used to seeing the occasional error by Mustafi at the back, but now he is gone we are still seeing just as many cockups by our present defence, if not more!

Anyway, let’s hope we don’t see any errors like this from Arsenal against Tottenham tomorrow!


  1. Fantastic header by the Scud.
    Squid Squillaci would be proud. Mustafi cost us 55 mill in transfer and salaries I wonder why we got nothing for him when he left?🙂

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