Video – Mykhalo Mudryk: Why are Arsenal so keen on the young Ukranian?

The most likeliest new player to arrive at Arsenal this January is the young Ukranian genius Mykhalo Mudryk, if we believe the myriad rumours and interviews he has given in the last few months.

The Shakhtar Donetsk winger looks and plays very similar to Gabriel Martinelli and we desperately need someone to cover for our Duracell Bunny when are in the grip of the coming fixture congestion.

So, it’s about time we had a closer look at what Mykhalo can do, so sit back and enjoy his tricks, skills and goals…


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  1. He remind me of Ronaldinho. But it might be tough for him in premier league bcos he won’t be giving space to move like he is doing in Ukraine league

    1. Nobody is been given space in epl you create those space yourself… I’m very sure he’s gonna make it in epl.. He’s a pace setter

  2. He is precise and he knows which team can take him and his football career to greater heights. So be it.

  3. Let him come to Arsenal and the rest will be automatic and he is going to be one of our favorite player and a future legend in advance.

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