Video: Newcastle take pot-shot at Arsenal after January signing

Newcastle couldn’t help themselves after completing the signing of Bruno Guimaraes from Lyon, including various reports of Arsenal’s attempts to sign him in their announcement video.

The Gunners are yet to land a new midfielder this month, despite numerous rumours, while the Toon appear to have landed a top addition to their midfield as they look to splash their newfound wealth.

I’m not gonna lie, I was already a little salty that they had an impressive midfielder added whilst we are yet to bring in a single senior player, but there was no need to centre their announcement video around our pursuit of his signature…


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  1. meanwhile back at the ranch, Kroenke is celebrating his Rams, whom he spared no expense on in order to field a win-now championship squad, are going to the Super Bowl, which will be played in their own stadium, which he paid upwards of 4+ Billion of his OWN money on….btw it just opened last year, with no fans last year to boot…I guess the whole self-sustaining model only applies to some of us, especially considering how long it’s been since our 500M stadium was built with OUR money

    1. Estoy cansado de que en todas las ventanas de invierno o de verano se hable de grandes contrataciones y terminemos contratando jugadores mediocres que serán rematados en dos o tres años.
      Ya verán que terminaremos contratando a Jonathan David y a Jack Wilshire para seguir con la mediocridad. En Arsenal no solo Kroenke es un fraude, Mikel Arteta con sus caprichos y decisiones de “gran entrenador” echa a perder el buen ambiente en el vestidor. Kroenke debe de vender el Arsenal a alguien que lo ame y Arteta debe de dejar la direccion del equipo.

    2. @TRVL4 I agree in context, but that rams team will make more revenue in one year than Arsenal would in 5 years with champions League football and winning everything on the table. American football has such a huge market there’s no ceiling to how much an NFL team could earn. For example, Patrick Mahomes II signed a 10 year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs that will earn him 600-800m in wages and bonuses alone. Not to mention the 70m signing on bonus they gave him, then add in image rights and sponsorships.

      But I am “hoping” that now his Rams project is almost complete, it will bring his attention to improving the Gunners. The NFL project which included a relocation to the state of L.A. from St Louis, building of new training facilities and of course the $4billion stadium which wasn’t paid for with all his own money, It was also state and bank investment money plus Kronke’s own cash. There was a massive outcry by the L.A. public to why the state was funding such a huge project when there was so much other stuff the could have invested in.

      There is in a business sense a reason why the rams were a priority, they will make him more money.

      1. those aren’t the facts…Mahome’s 10 year deal is nowhere near what you’ve suggested, bonuses included, and it’s not all guaranteed…as for the stadium, it wasn’t publicly funded whatsoever, but he did receive some monies from the other NFL owners(around 700M)…you might have been thinking about the issues that occurred in St. Louis before he moved to Inglewood because the government wouldn’t provide the necessary funding for a new stadium…btw if done properly the money to be made is quite comparable, as some seem to forget that European Football has a far more international following than the NFL…just look at the comps when it comes to the market values of sports teams…as of last year 6 of the top 15 were from Europe

  2. If we were in for him and Dusan, there would be official bids. These are just agent and media gossip to stir the pot. If we were after them we would have put the cash on the table just as we did for flops – Ozil, Laca, Mustafi, Xhaka, Chambers, Elneny, Perez, Torrera, Pepe, Socrates, and mediocre ones like Chek, Leno as we did for the jewels – Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Tierney, Partey, Ben, Gabriels, Ode. While Auba justified his transfer fee, unfortunately he failed to justify his salary revision. Like we were never interested in Maddison last summer! Mikel has a plan and we should trust him and support him.

  3. Not much of a potshot about the wasted money on Willock though. We got one over on them there.

    It’s also worth noting than not one of the SEVENTEEN teams above them in the league wanted to pay 30 mill for Guimaraes.

    Clearly signing Guimaraes is Newcastle getting there ducks in a row for a promotion push next season

    One thing about Guimaraes to Newcastle is he is swapping one Brazilian Favela for a similar one no matter where he lives in the Newcastle area

    1. Estoy de acuerdo con tus comentarios, aunque se te olvidó incluir a Gounduzzi, Soares, Mari y Tavares y no concuerdo con que Chambers sea un mediocre, el como Holding han sido perjudicados por las pocas oportunidades que les da Arteta. Este debe de salir del equipo, ya quemó o vendió a las últimas contrataciones de Arsene y a casi todas las de Unai Emery. Los ha reemplazado por jugadores mediocres como Parttey, Tavares y Lokonga y no utiliza con regularidad a un gran jugador como Martinelli

  4. Newcastle had offered 10mill cash for Nketiah which was turned down by Arsenal.

    They then came back with a revised offer of 9million plus Guimaraes which was also turned down

    They then wanted their money back on Willock

  5. Problem with joining Newcastle is while Arsenal go to the UAE for a break, Newcastle have go to Saudi Arabia

  6. Newcastle embarrassing themselves with that newspaper article… At no point did Arsenal bid for Bruno G and if they did why would he choose Newcastle who are in the relegation zone btw over Arsenal? Money would be the only reason or was it the glory days under Keegan where they won absolutely nothing and haven’t won nothing since 1955 oh wait they won the championship didn’t they 😂 he’ll be in Newcastle a day and be crying to go back to France.

  7. Same way Aston Villa celebrated buendia like he’s worldbest, ain’t Villa below us??….only signings by teams above us borders me, like d Diaz one by Liverpool,they got a top player there…

    1. Interesting to note that there has been very little of note happening in this window so far. Newcastle obviously had to spend but you are right about Liverpool and the pursuit of their man.

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