Video – Nicolas Pepe cheeky goal from Wilfried Zaha assist

Gunners ace Nicolaas Pepe scores with a backheel for the Ivory Coast

Arsenal forward Nicolas Pepe may be struggling with his club right now but his confidence has not been dampened. The 24-year-old linked up with Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha for the Ivory Coast’s second goal tonight.

It was a bit of a cheeky goal with Zaha running at the defenders before feeding Pepe who scored with a backheel.

The combination of the two wingers has given Arsenal fans a glimpse of what it could have been like if Zaha had signed.


  1. Man utd: We are going to Sign EVERYBODY!!
    Arsenal: WE are going to sign whoever improves our squad!!
    spurs: were going to hijack Arsenal’s deals

    1. Barcelona: We’ll take Arsenal players once they hit top form
      PSG: We want to be the first club to sign a player for £1 billion!

  2. It is obvious that Zaha is a better dribbler, but we already have too many right-footed attackers that can play as LW

    Pepe has to learn from his compatriot if he wants to succeed in England

    Because he is not as agile as Zaha, he should not rely on his tricks alone to get past his opponents. Stealing the ball is another way to do it, but he has to press hard to force the opponents to make errors

    1. Well said gotanidea.
      May be PEP should build his muscles and stamina just like Zaha. E.Premier league is physical and would not allow him (PEP) the luxury of space and liberty he had in France. This is important if he must shine in Arsenal and live up to fans expectation of him.

  3. Good. Hopefully the goal will help him improve by giving him more belief in himself. Also hope he learns from Zaha too

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